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Table of contents
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  2. Add a reference article to your User Guide
  3. Interactive Workflow Diagram
    1. Upload Drawings
    2. Drawing Management
  4. Drawings
  5. Job Role
  6. Recent Changes
    1. Switched To Larger Thumbnails On Drawings Thumbnail View (9/14/2017)
    2. Added New Punch/Camera Pin Icons To Drawings Viewer (8/31/2017)
    3. Added Icons For List And Thumbnail View Links (8/16/2017)
    4. Updated Freehand Tools On Drawings Fullscreen Viewer (7/24/2017)
    5. New 'Deleted Drawing Revisions Report' For 'Admins' On Drawings Tool (7/20/2017)
    6. 'Drawing Upload Complete' Notification Email Is Now Automatically Sent (6/23/2017)
    7. Switched The Sides Of The Checkboxes And 'More Options' Menu Button On Drawings (6/23/2017)
    8. Moved Drawings Filters And Search Bar (6/21/2017)   
    9. Added A General Information Section On The Drawing Sets Page (6/14/2017)
    10. New 'Drawing Sets' View (5/5/2017)
    11. Added More Options Menu to Drawings Tool (4/18/2017)
    12. New Sets Appear At Top Of Sets List (4/13/2017)
    13. File Uploader Now Shows Only PDFs (4/4/2017)
    14. Updated the Drawing Viewer (3/27/2017)
    15. Updated Prev/Next Buttons In Drawing Viewer To Respect Filters (3/24/2017)
    16. Added Placeholder Text For Set Name in Drawings (3/23/2017)
    17. Added Fullscreen Drawing Links In Email Forwards (3/14/2017)
    18. Download Single Drawing w/o Zipping From Drawings Tool (3/14/2017)
    19. Renamed Columns in Custom Drawings Report (3/9/2017)
    20. Now Directing Users Back To Show Page After Deleting A Drawing Revision (3/7/2017)
    21. CSV And PDF Exports Now Respect Search Parameters (3/6/2017)
    22. Thumbnail Order Now Matches List Order In Drawing Log (3/1/2017)
    23. Improved Performance of Full Screen Mode For Drawings With Punch Pins (2/10/2017)
    24. Fixed Publish Selected Button On Review Page (2/8/2017)
    25. Performing Bulk Edit On Drawings/Specs Now Clears Checkboxes (2/7/2017)
    26. Improved Load Speed For Markup And Hyperlinks (2/3/2017)
    27. Increase Number Of Drawings Shown Per Page (2/3/2017)
      1. Updated 'Bulk Edit' Popup Window In Drawings Tool (1/27/2017)
    28. Updated Emails To Include Links to Specifications (1/25/2017)
    29. Updated The Way The Fullscreen Viewer Loads Pages (1/16/2017)
    30. Increased The Activation Area On Fullscreen Viewer Buttons (1/11/2017)
    31. Fixed Issue With Drawing Not Opening in Viewer/Markup View (1/10/2017)
    32. Added Validation To Prevent Consecutive Duplicate Revisions (1/4/2017)
    33. Changed View Button Label To Info In Drawings Tool (1/3/2017)
    34. Changed Fullscreen Button Labels in Drawings Tool (1/3/2017)
  7. All Changes
    1. User Guide

Drawings (Project Level)

Procore's Project level Drawings tool is designed to manage and archive project drawings and revisions to ensure that team members always have access to the most current drawing set.

  • View all revisions for drawings easily from a mobile device
  • Bulk upload and edit options
  • Optical Character Recognition to help you upload your drawings and fill in drawing information in a timely manner
  • Automatically save all revisions
  • Automatically link drawings sheets
  • Share markups with your team
  • View drawings offline

Visit our Procore YouTube channel to view the full-size version

  • This page lists major actions that can be performed in Procore's Drawings tool. Click on a link to s...


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