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Review and Confirm Drawings


To review and confirm drawings uploaded to the project's Drawings tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' permissions on the Drawings tool.
    • 'Read Only' or 'Standard' permissions on the Drawings tool with the 'Upload and Review' granular permission enabled on the permission template. 
  • Additional Information:



  1. Click the Click here to go to review link on the drawing upload.
    Note: If your drawing upload contains 8 or more sheets, you will see the 'Help Procore Auto-Label Your Upload' window.
    • In the window, complete the following:
      • Verify that Procore has read the drawings correctly by selecting the correct number and title from the Drawing Number and Drawing Title drop-down menus.
        Note: If you want Procore to evaluate a different drawing to yield more accurate results, click Is the format of this drawing not typical for the set? Click here to try a different one.

      • Click Confirm and Go to Review.
        Note: This opens the Confirm New Drawings page where you will be able to review and confirm drawings.
  2. Because Procore populates this information using automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it is strongly recommended that you verify all fields before proceeding confirming:
    • Drawing Information
      • Drawing No.: Enter the drawing number.
        Note: This should match what is on the drawing.
      • Discipline: Enter the drawing discipline.
        Note: This classifies the drawing by the discipline that it represents. This field is automatically recognized by the letters that appear before the drawing number. You can set which letters designate which disciplines by following the directions here: Configure Default Drawing Disciplines.
      • Drawing Title: Enter the title of the drawing.
        Note: This should match what is on the drawing.
    • Version Information

      • Revision No.: Enter a revision number, letter, or combination of the two. When you upload a drawing that matches a drawing number already in your Drawings log, it will mark this drawing as the next revision number or letter in the sequence. For example, if you previously uploaded revision 5 of drawing A2.1, and you are uploading a new revision now, revision 6 will appear in this field. Procore will automatically increment this value for you so you can verify it is correct, or you can increment it how you want.
        • Versions will be ordered according to the Drawing Date field, but you can use a drag-and-drop operation to place them into any order. The topmost version is the most current version, and you can only move the version that you're currently uploading to a new position in the version log.
          • If you enter a number that is already used in your drawings log, you will be prompted to enter a unique revision number.
          • Alphanumeric revision numbers are accepted (e.g. Revision Number A1, 1A, or A.1). Set which order is used on the configuration page of drawings: see Configure Advanced Settings: Drawings.
        •  Drawing Date and Received Date: Select dates from the calendar. If you previously set the dates on the drawing upload page, Procore will use those dates, but you can change them as needed.
  3. If a drawing is not appearing in the correct orientation, you can rotate the PDF before confirming the drawing. See Can I rotate a drawing in Procore?
    • Click Rotate Drawing.
    • Click the clockwise or counter-clockwise rotate icons to rotate the drawing to the correct position.
    • Click Update
      Note: You can rotate the drawing as many times as you want, however you cannot rotate the drawing after you have confirmed the drawing. In addition, you can only rotate one drawing at a time.
  4. If you only uploaded one drawing, click Confirm at the bottom of the page.
    If you uploaded multiple drawings, choose from these review options:
    1. In the left table of contents, click through your drawing set to review each drawing's information. You can also press the UP/DOWN arrow on your keyboard to scroll through the contents. 
      • The Drawing No., Discipline, and Revision No. are all required fields. If you click into a then leave a drawing without filling in these fields, you will see a red dot next to the drawing in the list to remind you that you have unresolved errors.

        confirm new drawings2.png
    2. Once all drawings are confirmed and no errors are present, click Confirm All
      • To confirm only a specific drawing, click Confirm at the bottom of the page.
      • To confirm drawings in bulk:
        1. Press SHIFT on your keyboard to select multiple drawings in a row.
          Press CONTROL (PC) or COMMAND (Mac) or on your keyboard to select one drawing at a time in any order.
        2. Click Confirm Selected
      • To delete one or more pending drawings, click the Delete at the bottom of the page.
      • To delete the entire drawing package, navigate to the Drawings landing page. In the In Review box, click the 'x' to remove the entire set. 

        remove entire set.png
      • To change the focus of the image thumbnail, click-and-drag the image. By default, Procore places focus on the lower right corner of the drawing. 
  5. Click Confirm All or Confirm when you are done reviewing the drawing(s). 

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