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Who receives a notification for updates in the Drawings tool?


There are a couple scenarios when notification emails and push notifications are sent for drawing updates. In order for users who do not have 'Admin' level permissions to the project's Drawings tool to receive notifications, they must be on the Drawing Log Subscribers list. Any user with 'Read Only' level permissions or higher to the project's Drawings tool can subscribe to the drawings log, and 'Admin' users can add any users on the project to the list.

Notifications for Uploaded Drawings

Notification emails are sent after the upload has completed processing to alert the user to review and confirm the drawings.

  • Only the 'Admin' user who uploaded drawings will receive a notification email.
  • All 'Admin' users to the Drawings tool will receive a notification email after drawings have been uploaded by a 'Read Only' or 'Standard' user with the 'Upload Drawings' granular permission enabled on their permission template.
    Note: Drawings can be reviewed by users with 'Admin' permissions or 'Standard' permissions with the 'Upload and Review Drawings' granular permission enabled on their permission template. However, drawings can only be published by 'Admin' users.

Notifications for Published & Distributed Drawings

Notification emails and mobile push notifications are sent after drawings have been published and distributed to alert users that there are new drawings to view.

  • Any user on the Drawing Log Subscribers list will receive notifications for drawings that have been published and distributed.
    Note: The user publishing drawings must click "Publish & Distribute" for the notifications to be sent, as clicking "Publish" will not alert any users to the changes.


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