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Which Procore tools support Granular Permissions?


In the Procore web application, the term granular permissions refers to the ability to assign granular task privileges to new or existing permission templates created in the Company Directory tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template

Supported Tools

You can assign granular task permissions to a new or existing permission template for these Project level tools in Procore. To learn about the tasks associated with these permissions, see Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template

Tool Available Granular Permission Checkbox
Admin Manage General
  Manage Cost Codes
  Manage Active Tools
  Manage Locations
Bidding Create Bid Notes
  Edit Bid Notes
  Delete Bid Notes
Budget Import Budget CSV
  Create and Edit Original Budget Amount
  Delete Budget Line Items
  View Direct Cost Details
  Lock Budget
  Send and Retrieve Budgets from ERP
Commitments Create Purchase Order
  Create Subcontract
  Update Purchase Order
  Update Subcontract
  View Private Purchase Orders
  View Private Subcontracts
Daily Log Collaborator Entry Only
  Standard Users Can Edit and Delete Own Entries
Directory Add from Company Directory (Assignable Permission Templates Only)
  Assign Project Roles
  Create and Edit Users (Assignable Permission Templates Only)
  Create and Edit Companies
  Create and Edit Distribution Groups
  Create Reference Users (Only Applicable if Timesheets is enabled)
  Update Reference Users (Only Applicable if Timesheets is enabled)
  Manage Permission Templates (Assignable Only)
  Remove Company from a Project
  Remove User from a Project
  Request Company and People Imports
  View Company Insurance Information
Direct Costs Create Direct Cost
  Update Direct Cost
  Delete Direct Cost
Documents Access Private Folders and Files
  Rename Folders and Files
  Move and Copy Files and Folders
  Set Permissions
  Delete Folders and Files
  See Recycle Bin
Drawings Upload Drawings
Observations View private Observations assigned to users within same company. 
  Update status and comment on Observations assigned to users within same company.
  Can Assign Standard Users to Observations
Prime Contract Create Prime Contract
  Edit Prime Contract
  Delete Prime Contract
  View Owner Invoice Detail
Punch List View Private Punch List Items Assigned to Users within Same Company
  Respond to Punch List Items Assigned to Users Within the Same Company

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