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Why are automatic drawing sheet links missing?

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When you upload drawings into Procore, each image is processed with advanced image processing techniques to quickly analyze a drawing and automatically create drawing sheet links for section cut callouts that refer to other drawing sheets.

Ideally, drawing sheet links are properly added to every section cut in your uploaded drawings. However, in order to prevent against accidentally creating incorrect sheet links for "false positives" we've purposely set the threshold for the image processing algorithm to give us the most sheet links without creating any incorrect links. 

If you notice that drawing sheet links are not being added to some or all of your drawings, or you are seeing inconsistent results where some section cuts are not properly sheet linked like other ones, you should inspect your drawings to determine what might be causing the links to not be drawn as expected.

Several of the most common reasons why the Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking feature cannot add drawing sheet links to your uploaded drawings are highlighted below.

  1. Drawings in different drawing areas will not link to each other. (e.g. Drawing A-601 in Area 1 will not link to drawing A-602 in Area 2.)
  2. Section cuts are not recognizable on the sheet. See the following considerations.
    • Graphical Interference
      • If a section cut is on top of a design element in the drawing (e.g. line, shape, shade, etc.)

        Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking Error (3).png
      • If the drawing numbers bleed over the edge.

        Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking Error (1).png
      • If the drawing has low resolution that resulted in broken or blurry lines.

        Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking Error (2).png
      • If the callout does not have a circle around it.

    • Odd Fonts
      • If your drawings have a hard-to-read font
        Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking Error (4).png
    • AutoCAD Formatting
      • AutoCAD users should turn off the "text as comments" feature before publishing a PDF for use in Procore. Exporting your drawings as a PDF with this feature enabled may impact Procore Drawings tool OCR.

Next Steps

  1. To resolve this issue without editing the drawing itself, simply Add a Link to a Drawing manually.


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