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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Drawings tool. 

Recent Changes

Create Configurable Fieldsets and Custom Fields for the Drawings Tool (06/04/2020)

Company Admins can now create new configurable fieldsets for the Drawings tool in order to designate which fields are required, optional, or hidden within projects. After a fieldset is created, new custom fields can also be created and applied to the Drawings tool for one or more projects. 

With the ability to customize fields, you can ensure important information related to drawings is entered, and later create custom reports off this custom data. Configurations for fieldsets and custom fields are reflected in projects on Procore's web and mobile applications, so your configurations and custom fields are always presented. See Which fields in the Drawings tool can be configured as required, optional, or hidden?
Note: This release is part of a larger initiative to modernize the Drawings tool and introduce additional features. Minor changes were made for editing drawings, however larger improvements will be coming soon. See Edit Drawings.

Searches and Filters are Now Respected in Drawing Log Exports (05/28/2020)

Exports of the Drawings log now respect applied searches and filters. This allows users to export a list of relevant drawings, instead of only being able to export the entire log. See Export the Drawings Log to a PDF or CSV.

Navigate Through Drawings Using a Keyboard's Arrow Keys (03/27/2020)

Procore has added a feature to the Drawings tool that allows you to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between different drawings and drawing revisions while in the full-screen viewer. See View Drawings. This behavior is consistent with the swiping gestures used while viewing drawings on the Procore iOS and Android apps.  

Updated Navigation Bar in the Drawings Viewer (03/12/2020)

The navigation bar for viewing drawings has been updated to show the Drawing Date and Set Name in the Revision drop-down menu. See View Drawings.

Create an RFI from a Drawing on Procore Web (02/13/2020)

Users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions are now able to create RFIs directly from a drawing markup in the Drawings tool on Procore's web application. See Create or Link RFIs on a Drawing.
Note: Only Draft RFIs can be created using this method. To edit an RFI's status or add additional information, see Edit an RFI.

Updates to the Drawing Upload Window (02/05/2020)

Procore has updated the drawing upload window to be consistent with other upload windows in Procore. See Upload Drawings.

Spanish Default Disciplines and Abbreviations (01/21/2020)

For projects with the language set to Spanish, the relevant disciplines and abbreviations in Spanish will now be available for uploaded drawings in the Drawings tool. For example, a drawing labeled as ‘M-100’ will automatically be placed under the ‘Mecánica’ discipline.

Added a 'Drawing Language' Setting for Drawing Uploads (01/17/2020)

Under 'Advanced Options' when uploading drawings, you can now choose Spanish, French, or English as the language that Procore will scan your set of drawings for. See Can I change the language that Procore scans my drawings for?

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