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Sync and Download Drawings (Android)


To sync and download drawings on an Android mobile device.


The Drawings Sync feature allows users to download the most recent drawings and revisions so that they can access and store the latest building information on their Android mobile device. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read only' and above permissions on the Drawings tool.
  • You can test which drawings have been downloaded to your device already by putting your device in Airplane Mode, navigating to the Procore application, selecting Drawings from the tool list, and viewing all downloaded drawings. 
  • If you or another team member marks up a drawing while offline, or someone uploads a new version, you will need to re-sync the changes while on an internet or network connection in order to view the most current information.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool on an Android mobile device.

Sync Drawings by Area

  1. Tap Download on the drawing area you want to sync.

    Note: Procore will automatically begin to download the latest drawings updates. The status of the download can be viewed in the progress bar.

Sync All Current Drawings in an Area 

  1. Tap the Area you want to sync.
  2. Tap Sync.
    Note: Procore will automatically begin to download the latest drawings updates.


Sync Manually Selected Drawings Only

You can ensure that your device syncs only drawings you select by navigating to Settings > Sync  and choosing 'Manually Selected Only.'  

  1. Navigate to the drawing(s) you want to download.
  2. Tap Download on the item(s) you want to download.
    Note: This action will download the most recent version of the drawing to your device.

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