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Mark up a Drawing (Android)

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To add markups to drawings in the project's Drawings tool on the Procore Android app.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To add personal markups to a drawing, 'Read Only' or higher permissions on the Drawings tool.
    • To publish markups,  'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions on the Drawings tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • This asset/item can be viewed or edited in offline mode provided that the asset/item was previously viewed and cached on your mobile device.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool on your Android device with a network or internet connection.
  2. Tap the drawing you want to mark up.
  3. Tap the markup tool you want to use in the markup toolbar. Choose from the following options:

    • Select / Lasso: Select existing markups or areas to edit, add markups, publish, resize, or delete.
    • Color: Tap an item on the drawing, and then tap this tool to select the color of that item.
    • Opacity: Select the desired opacity of the shape. This is only selectable on the box or circle markups.
    • Width: Select the desired width of the border or line. This is only selectable on the line, arrow, double arrow, pen, highlight, box, or circle markups.
    • Pencil/Highlight: Draw freehand shapes using either a pencil or highlighter with your finger on the touch screen.
    • Line: Select a line, arrow, or double arrow to draw on the drawing.
    • Measurements: Measure distance, area, or a curved or poly shape by first adding a calibration to your drawing, and then selecting the appropriate measurement tool. See Add Measurements to a Drawing (Android).
    • Box: Draw a square or circle on your drawing.
    • Cloud: Add a transparent cloud to your drawing.
    • Text: Add a resizeable text box.
    • Pin: Pin the following items to your drawing:
  4. Changes are automatically saved, so you can exit the drawing when you're finished.