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Change a Drawing Version's Number


To change a drawing version's number to an existing drawing's number.


When you change a drawing number of a single version, you re-associate the version with an existing drawing in your project. The version which you've re-associated will no longer appear in the original drawing's Versions section, and will instead be associated with the new drawing which you've selected.

You may want to use this feature if you or your team accidentally assigned a drawing version an incorrect number during the upload review process, or if you want to change the version's drawing number to an existing drawing's number, for example.

If you want to edit the drawing number of all the versions in a drawing's Version section, see Edit Drawings.

Things to Consider​

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' on the project's Drawings tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • A drawing with the number which you want to assign this version to must already exist in the Drawings tool.


  1. Navigate to your project's Drawings tool.

  2. Click Info next to the drawing that contains the version on which you want to change the version number. 
    Note: Drawings that have one or more versions have the number of each version in the 'Revision No.' column.

  3. In the "Versions" section, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) next to the drawing on which you want to change the version number. 

  4. Click Change drawing number.

    change drawing number.png

    Note: The Change Drawing Number modal will appear.

  5. Fill out the following fields:

    • Drawing No.: Select from the drop-down menu the drawing number which you want to associate with this version.
      Note: To quickly find a drawing in the menu, begin typing the number or title of the desired drawing in the search bar.

    • Versions
      In this section, you will see all of the versions of the drawing you selected. 

      • If necessary, reorder the versions by dragging and dropping the version you're re-associating to the correct place.
      • Revision No.: If necessary, enter a new revision number.
        Note: You will need to edit the revision number if the revision number has already been taken by an existing version of the selected drawing.

  6. Click Ok.
    Note: You will see a confirmation modal when the version has been successfully moved to the new drawing number.

  7. Click Done.
    Note: You will be redirected to the Info page of the selected drawing.


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