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What is the unpublished status on drawings?


You have reviewed your drawings and noticed after the "Drawing Review" page that you have been taken to a new page that lists all the drawings in the set. You have also noticed a new “Status” column on that page or the new count of “Unpublished” drawings on the 'Drawing Sets' view.

Note: The Current Set will only have the most current published drawings. Unpublished drawings currently only appear to Drawings tool 'Admin' users in the 'Drawings Sets' view.

Things to Consider

  • When you publish a newer revision of an obsolete drawing, the drawing will no longer be obsolete. The new revision will become part of the current set. When you publish an older revision of an obsolete drawing when backfilling, the drawing will stay obsolete.


After the results of auto-labeling/OCR are confirmed on a new drawing upload, the drawings will have an “unpublished” status until they are published. 

You might want to leave drawings unpublished if they

  • Require internal review before publishing
  • Require pricing from subcontractors
  • Are otherwise sensitive drawings that you only want to expose to Drawings tool 'Admin' users
Key features and functionality:
  • Admin Only: For now, non-admin Drawings tool users will not have access to unpublished drawings.
  • Bypass the Documents Tool: Privacy-sensitive drawings can now be stored in the Drawings tool. This reduces the need to store drawings temporarily in a private folder in the Documents tool.
  • Collaborate on Designs: 'Admin' level team members can collaborate on pending approval designs stored in the cloud by emailing out to 3rd parties and sharing feedback via Procore's markup tools. These markups will persist when you publish the drawing to the project, along with markups from the previous revision (if the drawing is the most current drawing).
  • Publish New Sets All At Once: You can now confirm the results of auto-labeling/OCR gradually and then publish all at once. This means individuals on the project will not see the set in an incomplete state, and only one "new drawings" email will send out to Drawings log subscribers.


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