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Table of contents
  1. Add a how-to article to your user guide
  2. Add a reference article to your User Guide
  3. Interactive Workflow Diagram
    1. Create Send & Approve a Subcontract
  4. Commitments Configuration
    1. Create a Commitment Change Order (CCO) (Without Change Events)
    2. Send and Approve Commitment Change Orders (CCOs)
    3. Create and Manage Requisitions on Behalf of Subcontractors 
    4. Create and Submit Requisitions for Subcontractors
    6. Log Payments Issued for Requisitions for Contractors
  5. Commitments
    1. Admin Tool
  6. Job Role
  7. Recent Changes
    1. Subcontractor Schedule Of Values (12/13/2017)
    2. Changed Display Of Negative Numbers To Parenthesis Instead Of Minus Sign (12/11/2017)
    3. Updated Commitment Totals Column in CSV and PDF Exports (11/28/2017)
    4. Added Key Contract Dates (6/23/2017)    
    5. Added County, Warranty Date Range, Bid Type, Owner Type, Project Region And Parent Job To PDFs (6/13/2017)  
    6. Added & Enabled New "Allow Over Billing" To 'Requisition Settings' In Commitments Tool (6/1/2017)
    7. No Longer Able To Create RFQ On Terminated Or Voided Commitment Contracts (5/11/2017)
    8. Added ERP Sync Icons to the Title Column of the Committed-Summary Table (5/10/2017)
    9. Added Subjob Column To Requisitions: Subcontractor Experience (5/8/2017)
    10. Added Tool Tips To Default Distribution Settings (5/4/2017)
    11. Updated Requisition Invitation Emails (5/3/2017)
    12. Updated Permission For Delete Requisitions (4/26/2017)
    13. Updated Columns On Billing Status Page (4/25/2017)
    14. Added Confirmation Popup Window to Commitment Deletion (4/24/2017)
    15. Added 'Submit for Review' button to the Requisition Detail Page (4/21/02017)
    16. Added a Requisition Distribution List on the Configure Settings Page (4/13/2017)
    17. Added Requisitions To My Open Items On Company Portfolio & Project Home (4/12/2017)  
    18. If Requisition Doesn't Exist in Billing Period, the % Complete Will Display the Previous Period's Values   (3/22/2017)
    19. Added Progress Spinners to the Create Pages for PayApps, Draw Requests, and Requisitions (3/22/2017)
    20. Changed the Maximum Character Length for Commitment Titles (3/13/2017) 
    21. Updated Requisition And Subcontract Pages For Layout Consistency (3/1/2017)
    22. Added An Empty State View For the Billings Page (3/1/2017)
    23. Added Error Messaging On Payments Subtab In Commitments Tool (2/14/2017)
    24. Updated Commitments To Move Period Date Columns To Requisitions (2/13/2017)
    25. Added Requisition Invite and Informational Banner to Subtabs (1/30/2017)
    26. Updated the 'Create Requisition' Button Permissions (1/27/2017)
    27. (Beta) Custom Permissions Now Available For Commitments Tool (1/26/2017)
      1. 'Project Office Division' Now Included In PDF Export When Enabled (1/25/2017)
    28. Renamed 'Billing Statuses' Subtab to 'Billings' (1/25/2017)
    29. Updated Fields And Behavior For Requisitions And Billing Statuses (1/25/2017)
    30. Commitments Tool Now Redirects User Back To The Page Where A New Billing Period Was Created (1/24/2017)
    31. Productivity Log Hidden When Commitments Tool Not An Active Tab On Project (1/8/2016)
    32. New 'Level of Detail to Display Change Orders' Setting for Requisitions (1/4/2017)
    33. Updated The Display Of 'Contract Companies' On The Billing Status Page (1/4/2017)
  8. All Changes
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    1. User Guide

Commitments (Project Level)
Procore's Project level Commitments tool is designed to summarize the financial commitments on a project. It shows all of the subcontracts and purchase orders with contract amounts and approval statuses. Due to the sensitive nature of a project's Commitments data, this tool can only be accessed by individuals who have been granted 'Admin' level permission to the tool. 

  • View and filter a detailed list of all the financial commitments (e.g., subcontracts, purchase orders, etc.) on a project. 
  • Create Draw Requests, Purchase Orders, and Subcontracts and share 
  • Add 'Standard' level users to a distribution group to share relevant commitment information with that group by email. 
  • Print and export information to PDF. 
  • Allow vendors to create and submit their AIA progress billings.

Visit our Procore YouTube channel to view the full-size version

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