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Review a Subcontractor SOV for a Commitment


To review a commitment's subcontractor Schedule of Values (SOV) that were submitted for review by a subcontractor. 


A Subcontractor Schedule of Values (Subcontractor SOV) on a commitment is typically completed when the upstream contractor (for example, a general contractor) requires a detailed line item breakdown of work performed by a downstream contractor (for example, a subcontractor). 

In Procore, the Subcontractor SOV tab is enabled on the Commitments tool by default. This tab provides downstream contractors with the ability to provide detailed line items for work performed to upstream contractors. It also ensures that subcontractors do not modify the line items on the commitment's general SOV tab. This is because the intent of a commitment's general SOV tab is to a line item that shows the contract amount for each cost code and cost type. 

For the Subcontractor SOV tab, a general contractor sends a request that the subcontractor to add line items to the Subcontractor SOV when the general contractor requires additional information about the subcontractor's payment for work performed. The Subcontractor SOV can then be reviewd and approved by the general contractor.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin'  permissions on the project's Commitments tool. 
  • Prerequisites:
  • Additional Information:
    • If you are listed in the Invoice Distribution of the Commitments tool,  when a subcontractor SOV is submitted for the commitment, you and other user(s) listed in the Invoice Distribution list will receive an email notification that the Subcontractor Schedule of Values has been submitted by the subcontractor once the status of the subcontractor SOV is set to 'Under Review.' See Configure Settings: Commitments.


  1. Navigate to the Commitments tool.
  2. Under the Commitments List, locate the commitment with the Subcontractor SOV to review. Then click Edit.
  3. Click the Subcontractor SOV tab.
  4. Optional. To edit the line items on the Subcontractor SOV tab, click Edit.
  5. Review the line items on the Subcontractor SOV tab. Then choose from these options:
    • To approve the Subcontractor SOV, change the status to 'Approved.' 
    • To reject the Subcontractor SOV and have the downstream contractor edit the line items,  click 'Revise & Resubmit.'
  6. Click Submit
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