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How do I track the actual materials received and installed on a job site?


Procore provides several methods to help you track materials on a project. The method you will use, depends on your goals and the Procore tools that you are using in your environment. Below are your options. 

For Customers Using Core & Project Financials Tools

If you are using Procore's Core and Project Financials tools, you can use the data that your field team enters in the Daily Log tool's Productivity Log to track the quantity delivered and quantity installed for each Schedule of Values line item on your project's commitments.  This would allow you to create a custom project report (see Create a Custom Project Report) using the desired data column from the Daily Log's Productivity Log to generate a report for your project's commitments. While the Daily Log will not allow you to generate an invoice using those quantities, the report can then be used as a reference to confirm the quantities on your invoices. 

For Customers Using Core & Project Management Tools

If you are using Procore's Core and Project Management tools, you can use the data that your field team enters in the Daily Log tool's Productivity Log. After entries exist, you can then create a custom project report (see Create a Custom Project Report) using the desired data columns from the Daily Log's Productivity Log. Alternatively, you can generate a Productivity Report (which is available under the 'Daily Log Reports' section in the Project level Reports tool). You can then group your report data to aggregate it by line item. 

  • When creating productivity entries, it is recommended that you record both 'Quantity Delivered' (this is the quantity received on the job site) and 'Quantity Put-in-Place' (this is the quantity installed on the job site).
  • If you receive damaged materials, it is a best practice to omit those units from your quantity entries and make a note of the quantity in the comments field in the productivity entry. See Create Productivity Entries.
  • It is also recommended that you have your field team create a corresponding Delivery log. This gives your team a way to log important delivery information (such as the company that delivered materials, tracking number, contents, comments, as well as to upload pictures of the items delivered. See Create Delivery Entries.

For Customers Using Project Financials & Field Productivity Tools

If you are using Procore's Project Financials & Field Productivity tools, you can view a comparison of production quantities entered in the Timesheets tool to these uploaded budgeted production quantities with the Production Quantity Report. The primary value of this report is to track the progress of product installed on site by seeing the percentage complete for each cost code and includes calculated values like budgeted, actual, and remaining quantities. To learn more, see Import Budgeted Production Quantities

If you choose to import budgeted production quantities, you can also use the 'Procore Labor Productivity Cost' budget view to include production quantities on your project's budget. This allows team members to leverage real-time productivity data from your project's field personnel to improve your team's ability to forecast labor hours and costs at project completion. For details, see Import Installed Production Quantities for the Labor Productivity Cost Budget View