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What is an downstream collaborator?


In Procore, a downstream collaborator is a person, business, or entity that enters into a legal agreement with your company to perform work on a construction project. The term, downstream collaborator, is used to represent the person, business, or entity that a Procore company account holder is paying to perform contracted work.


Examples of downstream collaborators are:

  • You are a general contractor who has created a subcontract in the Commitments tool with the downstream subcontractor who will be completing the electrical work on your construction project. 
  • You are an owner who has created a contract in the Commitments tool for a downstream general contractor who will be erecting structural steel on your construction project.
  • You are a specialty contractor who has created a subcontract in the Commitments tool for a downstream carpenter to lay the floor and perform other floor work on your construction project. 

Upstream vs Downstream Invoices

 Limited Release Update
flag-us.png flag-canada.png The point-of-view dictionaries detailed below are only applicable to Procore customers using Procore's 'English (United States)' language setting. Typically, this dictionary is configured for Procore users in the United States and/or Canada. See Owners & Specialty Contractors Point-of-View Dictionary Options.

For customers in the United States and Canada, the names and terminology in the Invoice Management tools suit the nomenclature used by General Contractors. To address the nomenclature preferences of other vertical markets using Procore, the names and terminology in the Invoice Management tools are different when the Owners and Specialty Contractors Point-of-View dictionary is implemented in your environment. To learn more, see What dictionaries and languages are available in the Procore web application?

Upstream vs. Downstream Relationships
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General Contractors
English (United States)
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English (Owner Terminology V2)
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Specialty Contractors
English (Specialty Contractor Terminology)
upstream-downstream-invoicing-gc.jpg upstream-downstream-invoicing-owner.jpg upstream-downstream-invoicing-sc.jpg