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What is the maximum character length for a commitment's 'Number (#)'?


When Procore's Company level ERP Integrations tool (see ERP Integrations) is configured to work with an integrated ERP system, you can export commitments from Procore and then sync them with your integrated system. Depending system you've implemented in your environment, the maximum number of characters for a commitment's Number (#) field is:

Maximum Character Length for Commitment 'Number (#)'

The maximum character limit for the 'Number (#)' field on a commitment is:

  • Sage 300 CRE. 12 characters maximum. This limit is imposed by Sage 300 CRE.
    Important! If you create a title with a greater number of characters in Procore, that title will be truncated upon export from Procore to satisfy the limit.
  • Spectrum. 10 characters maximum.
  • QuickBooks. 11 characters maximum. This limit is imposed by QuickBooks
  • Viewpoint Vista. 30 characters maximum. This limit is imposed by Viewpoint Vista.

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