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What is the maximum character length for a 'Company Name' in the Directory tool?


When you create a new company record in the Company or Project level Directory tool (see Add a Company to the Company Directory or Add a Company to the Project Directory), you need to take into consideration whether or not the data you enter into the 'Company Name' field might be affected by a maximum character limit. 

For accounts that have enabled ERP Integrations tool

The maximum character length of your entry in the 'Company Name' field will be subject to each integrated ERP system vendor's character limit. These are specified by each vendor as follows:
Important! If you attempt to send a vendor record that exceeds these limits to the ERP Integrations tool, the following warning message will appear in Procore: "This Vendor cannot be sent to ERP because name must be less than XX characters." You will need to change the 'Company Name' field before you can send the data successfully.

For accounts not using the ERP Integrations tool

There is no maximum character length. For best results when viewing company names in the Procore web application, it is recommended that you keep them under 30 characters.  

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