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What are custom sections and which Procore tools support them?


Custom sections are created in configurable fieldsets using custom fields. A configurable fieldset is a group of fields in certain Procore tools that can be set to optional, required, or hidden, depending on your company's needs. Custom fields are additional fields that can be added and customized in the Company level Admin tool for certain Project level tools in Procore through configurable fieldsets. See What are configurable fieldsets and which Procore tools support them? and What are custom fields and which Procore tools support them?

Tool Fieldsets Available to Configure with Custom Sections

Admin (Project Level)

Only one 'Project' fieldset can be created and the fieldset will apply to all new and existing projects. See Create a Default Project Fieldset.

Coming Soon  Commitments (Contracts)

Purchase Orders and Subcontracts
Correspondence Correspondence Type
Note: Each of your company's custom correspondence types has its own fieldset.


Submittals Submittal Log

Coming Soon  Prime Contracts (Contracts)

Prime Contracts