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To view commitments in your project's Commitments tab. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' level on the Commitments tool.  'Read only' and 'Standard' users will only be able to view commitments that they have been granted access to via the privacy drop-down menu when editing or creating a commitment." 
  • In order to view a commitment that is marked as 'Private,' you must have 'Admin' level permissions or be added to the drop-down list of the commitment.


  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
    This reveals the Commitments page. 
  2. You will see a summary of your committed contract totals and a summary of all commitments.

If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool for use with an integrated ERP system, color-coded icons and ribbons appear in relevant areas of Procore. This visually highlights your system's ERP integration data, to help you quickly identify its current state. 

icon-erp-rejected.png ribbon-erp-rejected.png YELLOW Data that was sent ERP Integrations tool for approval has been retrieved from the tool by an end user.
Data that was sent to the ERP Integrations tool has been rejected for export to the integrated ERP system by an accounting approver.
icon-erp-synced.png ribbon-erp-synced.png GREEN Data is synced with a third-party ERP system.
icon-erp-sent.png ribbon-erp-sent.png BLUE Data been sent to the ERP Integrations tool and is waiting for accounting approver to accept it for export to the integrated ERP system. 
erp-accountant-badge.png   GREEN When a user is designated as an accounting approver, this badge appears next to his or her user profile in the Company and Project Directory. 

Change Commitment Views

In the "Views" box in the right pane, you can select one of the following:

  • Summary: This lists a summary of committed contract totals, as well as all subcontracts and purchase orders. 
  • Detailed: This view lists all commitments as well as their details, such as any accompanying change orders or related items. 
  • Recycle Bin: This view lists all commitments that have been sent to your recycle bin.

Search for Commitments

In the "Search commitments" box in the right pane, you can enter a keyword and click Search to search through all commitment titles to find any matches.

Filter Commitments 

You can filter commitments by a number of specifications using the "Filters" box in the right pane. You can then filter commitments by the following:

  • Type: You can filter by type to view either subcontracts or purchase orders.
  • Status: You can filter by status to view either subcontracts, purchase orders, or all commitments by their current status. Commitments with the status set to Draft, Out for Bid, Void, or Terminated will not be reflected on the budget. Commitments with the status Out for Signature will be listed in the Pending Cost column, while commitments with the status set to Approved or Completed will be listed in the Committed Cost column on the Budget. 
  • Executed: You can filter by execution, which uses the 'Executed' checkbox. 



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