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Table of contents
  1. Add a how-to article to your user guide
  2. Add a reference article to your User Guide
  3. Submittals
  4. Submittal Packages
  5. Reports
  6. Configuration Tasks
  7. Other Tasks
  8. Workflow Diagrams
    1. Standard Collaboration Workflow
    2. Interactive Task-based Workflow
    3. Create Submittals
    4. Respond to Submittals
    5. Distribute Submittals
  9. Submittals
  10. Job Role
  11. Recent Changes
    1. Improved Search Within Submittal's Title (10/12/2017)
    2. Added Retrieve & Delete Options To Bulk Actions Menu In Submittals Tool (9/7/2017)
    3. Added Package Number To Submittal Package List Export (8/24/2017)
    4. Added Package Number To Submittal View (8/24/2017)
    5. Added Linked Drawing Field To All Submittal View And Edit Pages (7/19/2017)
    6. Updated Submittal Import Template To Be User-Facing (7/13/2017)
    7. Added Package Number To Submittal Package Email Notifications (7/12/2017)
    8. Removed The Ability For Standard Users To Edit Closed Submittals (6/1/2017)
    9. Internationalized The Submittals Table (5/8/2017)
    10. Updated Bulk Action > Editing In Submittals Tool (3/9/2017)
    11. Removed 'Edit Response' Button From 'Draft' Submittals (2/15/2017)
    12. Updated 'Submittal Workflow' Text On 'Bulk Edit Submittals In A Package' (2/8/2017)
    13. Outgoing Email Now Lists Submitter And Approvers (2/4/2017)
    14. Modified Display Of Paperclip Icon On Attachments In Submittal Revisions (1/31/2017)
    15. Redirect User To Submittal Show Page After Recycle Bin Retrieval (1/31/2017)
    16. Distribution Wizard Now Shows Special Characters In Titles (1/18/2017)
    17. Individual Submittal PDF Now Shows 'Submittal Manager' Field (1/13/2017)
    18. Fixed Issue With Error Banner When Deleting A Custom Submittal Response (1/10/2017)
    19. Create Up To Twelve Custom Submittal Responses (1/10/2017)
  12. All Changes
    1. User Guide

Submittals (Project Level)
The Project level Submittals tool provides architects, project engineers, project managers, and subcontractors with a way to ensure that the correct products and quantities are installed on a project. A submittal is often prepared by a contractor (or sub) who then "submits" it to the design team for approval -- either by itself, or as part of a submittal package. This ensures that plans and materials comply with design requirements, before items are fabricated and/or delivered and installed on a project site. 

  • Create submittal items and assemble multiple items into submittal packages.
  • Attach related items, such as drawings or documents, to a submittal or submittal package. 
  • Implement a sequential or parallel approval workflow to use when sending submittals to a project's design team and its stakeholders for review and approval. 
  • View a log of all project submittals by List, Package, Spec Section, and Status.

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Setup Guide Setup Guide

  • Guidelines for setting up the Project level Submittals tool.


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