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Table of contents
  1. Add a how-to article to your user guide
  2. Add a reference article to your User Guide
  3. Submittals
  4. Submittal Packages
  5. Reports
  6. Configuration Tasks
  7. Other Tasks
  8. Workflow Diagrams
    1. Standard Collaboration Workflow
    2. Interactive Task-based Workflow
    3. Create Submittals
    4. Configure the Submittals Tool
    5. Import Submittals
    6. Basic Navigation
    7. Respond to Submittals
    8. Distribute Submittals
  9. Submittals
  10. Job Role
  11. Recent Changes
    1. Updated Submittals Log So Users Can Resize Column Width (11/1/2017)
    2. Improved Search Within Submittal's Title (10/12/2017)
    3. Added Retrieve & Delete Options To Bulk Actions Menu In Submittals Tool (9/7/2017)
    4. Added Package Number To Submittal Package List Export (8/24/2017)
    5. Added Package Number To Submittal View (8/24/2017)
    6. Added Linked Drawing Field To All Submittal View And Edit Pages (7/19/2017)
    7. Updated Submittal Import Template To Be User-Facing (7/13/2017)
    8. Added Package Number To Submittal Package Email Notifications (7/12/2017)
    9. Removed The Ability For Standard Users To Edit Closed Submittals (6/1/2017)
    10. Internationalized The Submittals Table (5/8/2017)
    11. Updated Bulk Action > Editing In Submittals Tool (3/9/2017)
    12. Removed 'Edit Response' Button From 'Draft' Submittals (2/15/2017)
    13. Updated 'Submittal Workflow' Text On 'Bulk Edit Submittals In A Package' (2/8/2017)
    14. Outgoing Email Now Lists Submitter And Approvers (2/4/2017)
    15. Modified Display Of Paperclip Icon On Attachments In Submittal Revisions (1/31/2017)
    16. Redirect User To Submittal Show Page After Recycle Bin Retrieval (1/31/2017)
    17. Distribution Wizard Now Shows Special Characters In Titles (1/18/2017)
    18. Individual Submittal PDF Now Shows 'Submittal Manager' Field (1/13/2017)
    19. Fixed Issue With Error Banner When Deleting A Custom Submittal Response (1/10/2017)
    20. Create Up To Twelve Custom Submittal Responses (1/10/2017)
  12. All Changes
    1. User Guide

Submittals (Project Level)
The Project level Submittals tool provides architects, project engineers, project managers, and subcontractors with a way to ensure that the correct products and quantities are installed on a project. A submittal is often prepared by a contractor (or sub) who then "submits" it to the design team for approval -- either by itself, or as part of a submittal package. This ensures that plans and materials comply with design requirements, before items are fabricated and/or delivered and installed on a project site. 

  • Create submittal items and assemble multiple items into submittal packages.
  • Attach related items, such as drawings or documents, to a submittal or submittal package. 
  • Implement a sequential or parallel approval workflow to use when sending submittals to a project's design team and its stakeholders for review and approval. 
  • View a log of all project submittals by List, Package, Spec Section, and Status.

Video content may not accurately reflect the current state of the system, and/or it may be out of date.

Setup Guide Setup Guide

  • Guidelines for setting up the Project level Submittals tool.


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