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Resend the Submittals in a Package for Review


To send the submittals in a submittal package to approvers for review. 

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Project level Submittals tool. 
    This reveals the Submittals page.
  2. Click Packages.
    This reveals a list of submittal packages.
  3. Locate the desired package in the list. Then click View.
    The system opens the package in view mode. 

  4. If you want to send all of the submittals, click Resend Now.
    • An 'Action Required' email message is sent to members of the submittal's workflow to alert the Ball in Court person that a response is required.
    • A 'Updated Submittal' email message is sent to members of the distribution list.
    • A green confirmation banner appears to confirm the notifications were sent. 

    • The button's label on the GOLD banner changes to Resend Now. See Resend the Submittals in a Package for Review.

    • In the Submittal Items area, the Sent Date field is updated to show the date that the submittal items were distributed to the approvers. 
    • The system also sends email notifications to individuals as appropriate. See When does the Submittals tool send email notifications to Procore users?

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