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Who receives an email when a submittal is created or updated?


Procore sends an automated email notification to the following users when a submittal is created or updated. These notifications do NOT apply to emails modified using the Bulk Actions menu (see Perform Bulk Actions on Submittals):

Event Creator 1 Submittal Manager 1 Distribution List  Submitter Approver
When a submittal is created 3    
When a submittal is updated 3    
When a submittal revision is created    
When a submittal is closed
When the Ball in Court moves to the Submitter        
When the Ball in Court moves to the Approver        
When the Ball in Court moves to the Submittal Manager        
When the Approver adds comments    
When the Submitter adds comments  2    

If the 'Submittal Manager' is different than the the 'Creator', only the 'Submittal Manager' will receive the notifications.

2 The settings for these emails can be adjusted. See Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals.

3 The user must click the Create and Send Email button or the Update and Send Email button. For details, see Create a Submittal or Edit a Submittal.


How to Configure Email Settings in Submittals

To configure email settings, a user with 'Admin' level permission to the Submittals tool can navigate to the Submittals tool and then click the Configure Submittal Settings link.  Under the 'Project Submittal Settings' area, mark the following checkboxes to designate which notification(s) to send.

  • Notify Distribution Members Of Approver Comments 

  • Notify Creator of Approver Comments 

  • Enable Email Reminders for Overdue Submittals

See Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals for more information. 

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