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Which Procore tools let me view digital image attachments in a map view?


Many tools in the Procore web application incorporate an attachment viewer to provide users with the ability to upload file attachments associated with an item or object. For example, your project team might upload photos for your punch list items or to record an incident that occurred using the Daily Log tool's Accident Log. To learn more about the attachment viewer, see the Answer below. 


If an image attachment has a JPEG or PNG file format with Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, users can click View in Google Maps when viewing the attachment on supported tools in the Procore web application.


The GPS coordinates are mapped by a third-party tool. Procore is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the mapping tool.

  • If the digital image does NOT contain GPS coordinates, the 'View Google Maps' button is grayed out and unavailable.

  • Most smartphone cameras have a built-in GPS function. When you take a photo, the camera automatically captures the GPS coordinates of the location where the image was taken. To learn how to adjust the GPS function on a camera, refer to the camera manufacturer's documentation.  

Supported Tools

The View in Google Maps button detailed above is available for use in these Procore tools:

Tool Name Relevant Tutorial
Coordination Issues View Coordination Issues
Correspondence View a Correspondence Item
Custom Tools N/A
Daily Log View a Daily Log in the List View
Documents (Company Level) View Documents in the Company Level Documents Tool
Documents (Project Level) View Documents in the Project Level Documents Tool
Equipment (Company Level) View a Company Level Equipment Entry
Equipment (Project Level) View a Project Level Equipment Entry
Forms View a Form
Incidents View an Incident
Instructions Create and Issue an Instruction
Inspections (Project Level) View Project Level Inspections
Meetings View a Meeting
Observations View an Observation
Punch List View Punch List Items
RFIs View RFIs
Submittals View a Submittal Package
Tasks View a Task