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View a Punch List Item


To understand how to interpret a punch list item and its information.


Punch list items are always project-specific and will be listed under a project's Punch List tool. By default, you will only view "Open" punch list items. Use the "Status" filter to change which punch list items will be shown. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 
    • 'Admin' level users can view and edit all punch list items, including ones that are marked as private. Only 'Admin' users can view the contents of the "Change History" subtab.
    • 'Standard' level users can view the General, Related Items, and Emails subtabs on punch list items for which they are designated as an assignee or if they are included on the punch list item's distribution list. They can also respond to any punch list item that's been assigned to them, as well as email and export it as a PDF. Private punch list items can be made visible to 'Standard' users.
    • 'Read-only' level users can view the General, Related Items, Emails, and Change History subtabs of punch list items. They can see how many changes were made to the punch list item, but they cannot see the changes that were made.
      • 'Read-only' will not be able to view punch list items that are marked private unless they are added to the distribution list. They will be able to view all public punch list items.
      • 'Read-only' users cannot edit an punch list item in any way.


  1. Navigate to the project's Punch List tool. 
    The system reveals a list of punch list items in the 'Open' status by default. 
  2. Choose from these options
    • To view a punch list item, click View
    • To edit a punch list item, click Edit
      This opens the selected punch list item. It contains the following subtabs:


General information about the punch list item is stored under the General subtab.


Related Items

View and add related items to the punch list item from the Related Items subtab. If the related item is an item in Procore (observation, RFI, etc.) you will be able to view the item and all its information by clicking on the link in the "Description" column. To add a related item, click Edit.


Manage any emails related to this punch list item from this subtab. Each punch list item has a unique email address (e.g procore-1234abcd1234abcd1234abcd@procoretech.com) that can be used to send an email from your personal email client into Procore. For example, you might have an email thread in your personal email account that should be logged in Procore. In such cases, you might want to import that thread into Procore by simply forwarding an email to the related punch list item's unique email address. See Email Punch List Items

Change History

This tab shows a history log that summarizes all of the changes made to the punch list item throughout its lifecycle. The full change history in the Change History subtab is only visible to users with 'Admin' level permissions to the Punch List tool. 'Read-only' users can see how many changes were made to the tool, but none of the details about actions performed.

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