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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Submittals tool. 

Recent Changes

Added 'No Responses' Option to 'Response' Filter (6/27/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to update the Response filter to include the 'No Responses' option. Now, when users apply this filter to on of the available views (i.e., Items, Packages, and so on), the list updates to show only those submittals that have no responses submitted. This means the submittals in the this either have all responses in the 'Pending' status or the submittals have no Submitters/Approvers assigned.

Added a Current Revision Filter to Custom Submittals Reports (5/24/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add a 'Current Revision' filter option to the custom submittals report feature. Users can now filter report results by adding the Current Revision column to a report. Then choosing 'Current Revision' from the Add Filter drop-down list and placing a checkmark in the Yes box. See Create a Custom Submittals Report

Enabled "Number By Spec Section" By Default At Project Creation (5/8/2018) 

"Number Submittals By Spec Section" is now the default when a project is created with or without a template.

New Columns in Tables on Tabs in Submittals Tool (5/4/2018)

Added the 'Location' and 'Created At' columns to the  tabs in the Submittals tool. To see the new columns, click the 'Reset to Default' link under column settings. See Customize the Column Display in the Submittals Tool. If you have applied any settings or arranged columns to appear in a particular order prior to the reset, those will settings will need to be applied again.

New Bulk Actions > Apply Workflow Option (4/30/2018)

Users with 'Admin' level permission on the Submittals tool can now use the new Apply Workflow option in the Bulk Actions menu. To learn more, see Submittals: New Bulk Actions > Apply Workflow Option.

Added Fields to Export PDF for a Submittal (4/13/2018)

Updated the PDF export file for a submittal so it now includes the 'Approver Due Date' and 'Location'.

Removed View PDF Link from the 'Updated Submittal' Email (4/12/2018)

Removed the 'View PDF' link next to 'More Details' in the 'Updated Submittal' email notification. To view the PDF, users can now click 'View Online' and then log in to Procore to use the Export PDF option.

Allow Approvers to Add Reviewers to Their Step in the Workflow (4/9/2018)

The 'Allow Approvers to Add Reviewers to Their Step in the Workflow' configuration is now enabled by default. In addition, users with 'Admin' level permission can turn this feature on an off in the Configure Settings page (see Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals Tool). This setting provides submitters and approvers with the ability to foward a submittal to another user for review. See Forward a Submittal for Review

Enable Submittal Schedule Calculations (4/9/2018)

Users with 'Admin' level permission can now enable the submittal schedule calculations feature on the Project level Submittals tool. Prior to this update, a request had to be submitted to Procore to enable this feature on the backend. See Enable Submittal Schedule Calculations.

Create & Apply Submittal Workflow Templates (4/4/2018)

If you have been granted 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Submittals tool, you can now create submittal workflow templates. A submittal workflow template gives you the ability to define the submitters and approvers for your project's submittal review process. If you create multiple submittal workflow templates, your project users will also have the option of applying a selected template to the submittal(s) they create. For details, see Submittals: Create and Apply Submittal Workflow Templates

Updated Exports from Spec Sections And Recycle Bin Tabs (3/19/2018)

Updated the Spec Sections view and Recycle Bin tabs in the Project level Submittals tool so that now, CSV and PDF exports will respect the sort settings that are selected on the view.

System Focus On Search Field in Submittals Page (3/19/2018)

Updated the Submittals tool so that now, when you navigate to the Project level Submittals tool, the page opens with the system's focus placed on the Search field. 

CSV & PDF Exports from 'Ball In Court' View Respect Sort Settings (3/15/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that users can now export the 'Ball in Court' view to CSV or PDF. In addition, the export files respect the sort settings in place on the page. See Export the Submittals Log.

CSV & PDF Exports From 'Packages' View Respect Sort Settings (3/12/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that users can now export the 'Packages' view to CSV or PDF. In addition, the export PDF file respects the sort settings in place on the page. See Export the Submittals Log.

Updated Submittals Import Template For All Projects (3/9/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so all Procore projects now use the same submittals import template. If the Submittal Schedule Calculations feature is turned ON, the template will continue to require additional delivery date entries. The new template is available for download on the Procore Import Templates page. The previous templates (import-submittals-sequential.xlsx and import-submittals-parallel.xlsx) have been deprecated. See Request a Submittals Import and Import Submittals.

Submittals PDF Export Now Includes Sorting On Items View (3/8/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that now, when a user exports a list of submittals on the Items view, the PDF export file includes any sorting options selected on that page. See Export the Submittals Log

Updated Required Fields When Forwarding a Submittal for Review (3/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that now, both the 'Forward To' and 'Return By' fields are required when forwarding a submittal for review. See Forward a Submittal for Review.

Added the 'Forward for Review' Functionality to the Submittal Workflow (2/23/2018)

Due to popular demand, we've updated the Project level Submittals tool to add the 'Forward for Review' functionality to the new submittal workflow widget. Now, if an 'Approver' on a submittal workflow forwards the submittal to another person (i.e., a person not named on the workflow), the system will shift the 'Ball In Court' responsibility from the forwarding 'Approver' to the designated recipient of the forward. For added clarity, the system will also update the Approver’s response status to 'Forwarded for Review'.

After the recipient of the forward submits a response, the system will shift the ‘Ball In Court’ responsibility back to the forwarding ‘Approver’.  This changes the response status for the forwarding ‘Approver’ to ‘Pending’ and also sends them an automated email notification so he or she is aware that their selected recipient has submitted a response. See  Forward a Submittal for Review.

PDF Export File Now Uses a Standard Naming Convention (2/23/2018) 

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that now, when users export a submittal to the PDF format, the system uses a standard filename convention to make it easier for you to quickly identify the file. The new file naming convention is: {Project Name}-Submittal{Submittal Number}-Rev {Revision Number}-{Submittal Title}.pdf. See Export a Submittal.

Updated the 'Notify Approvers or Approvers Comments' Configuration Setting (2/22/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to make a change to the function of the 'Notify Approvers or Approver Comments' checkbox in the Configure Settings page. When this configuration setting is marked, the system sends an automated email notifications to people set as 'Approver' on the submittal workflow. Keep in mind that this configuration setting does NOT send an automated email notification to people who are as 'Submitter' on the submittal workflow. See Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals Tool

Added Drag-and-Drop Support On Submittal Workflow For IE11 Users (2/6/2018)

Internet Explorer 11 users can now use a drag-and-drop operation to change the order of the workflow steps on the submittal workflow. See Submittals: Added Drag-and-Drop Support On Submittal Workflow For Internet Explorer 11 Users.

Submittals: Updated Button/Banner Behavior When Distributing Submittals (2/5/2018)

Improved the button and banner behavior in the Submittals tool to clarify the state of a submittal workflow. This improves the experience for end users who are responsible for distributing a submittal. See Distribute a Submittal and Redistribute a Submittal. Updates include:

  • While the submittal workflow is in progress, a BLUE 'Workflow in Progress banner appears when viewing the submittal. 
  • When the required submittal workflow is completed, a GREEN 'Workflow is Complete' banner displays along with either a 'Close and Distribute' or 'Close and Redistribute' button. 
  • After a submittal is successfully distributed, a GREEN banner appears at the top of the submittal to confirm the distribute action. 
  • In addition, the Redistribute link that once appeared in the GOLD 'Submittal Distributed' banner is now a Redistribute button in the right pane.
Rearrange Approvers In New Submittal Workflow Widget (1/30/2018)

Updated the Submittals tool so that you can now rearrange the order of your approvers in a submittal workflow. This update is NOT currently supported for users with the Internet Explorer browser.  

Access Custom Reports on the Submittals Tool Sidebar (1/30/2018)

Now, when you create a custom report that includes data from the Submittals tool, those reports will appear in the right sidebar of the Submittals tool. The will be listed from most to least recent. In addition, clicking the Create New link now launches the project's Reports tool (instead of the legacy version of the Submittals report tool). See Create a Custom Submittals Report.

Mark Submittal Approvers as Required to Respond (1/29/2018)

You can now mark which Approvers/Submitters are required to respond in the Submittal Workflow to shift the ball-in-court. If nobody is marked as required within a step, the first Approver/Submitter to respond will shift the ball-in-court to the next step in the workflow. See Submittals: Set Required Responses for Submittal Workflow.

Added Inline Editing on Package View (1/24/2018)

Updated the Submittals tool so now the 'Sent Date' and 'Return Date' for a single approver on a submittal package can be edited inline. 

Now Distribute Submittals After One Reviewer Response (1/17/2018) 

Users can now distribute a submittal before all of the designated users on the submittal workflow have responded. Now, you can distribute a submittal after one (1) user submits a response. See Distribute a Submittal.

Updated "Set As Ball In Court Link" For New Workflow Groups (1/17/2018) 

Added the Number (#) column back to the Submittal Workflow table. The number will appears once per line item (a.k.a., submittal group). Also updated the label on a link from  'Set as Ball In Court' to "Set Group to Ball In Court" for added clarify. The 'Edit Response' link will still show up for each individual in the workflow group. 

New Submittals Workflow for Approvers in General Release (1/16/2018) 

Procore deployed a new submittal workflow model to provide your users with more flexibility when setting the approval path for a submittal. This deployment is complete and the new model prevents project users with 'Admin' level permission on the Submittals tool from having to specifically configure the tool to use sequential approval or parallel approval. The new submittal workflow table will be rolled out to all Procore accounts and will allow your users to create and edit submittals that use either sequential, parallel, or a combination of both approval models. See Submittals: Rollout of New Submittal Workflow for Approvers.

New 'Include Sublocations' Option in Add Filter Drop-Down List (1/4/2018)

Updated the Submittals tool to add a new 'Include Sublocations' check box option in the secondary 'Add Filter' drop-down list for 'Locations'. See Search for and Filter Submittals

All Changes


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