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Is there a way to bulk replace an approver, submitter, or reviewer on a project's submittals?


A person on our project team has recently left the project. However, that person was assigned as approver on more than 100 project submittals. Is there a way to replace that person with a new approver in bulk? 


Yes. If your project has only a few submittals assigned to this person, we recommend changing the approver name by manually removing the existing approver and then adding the new one. See Remove a Submitter or Approver from the Submittal Workflow and Add a Submitter and Approvers to the Submittal Workflow.

If you need to replace an approver, submitter, or reviewer on a large number submittals, a user with 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Submittals tool can do so in the Submittals Tool Configuration Settings. See Configure Settings: Submittals Tool.