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Is there a minimum passing score for Procore Certification quizzes?

Yes. In order to complete Procore Certification courses for Subcontractor, Superintendent, Architect, Engineer, and Procore Fundamentals, and any Continuing Education course, you must meet minimum passing requirements to pass some quizzes. The grade required to pass is determined based on the number of questions in the quiz. 

  • If the quiz contains less than or equal to four (≤ 4) questions, you will need to answer 100% of the questions correctly.
  • If the quiz contains more than or equal to five (≥ 5) questions, but less than or equal to ten (≤ 10) questions, you will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly.
  • If the quiz contains more than or equal to eleven (≥ 11) questions, you will need to answer 75% of the questions correctly. 

The percentage required to pass each quiz is posted in the description of the quiz.Note: If there is no percentage required to pass the quiz posted in the description, you will need to select the correct answer in order to proceed to the next question.