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What is a submittal revision?

What is a submittal revision?

A submittal revision is an alteration or correction to an existing submittal item.

When do I create a submittal revision?

While you can create a submittal revision at any time, they are most commonly created by subcontractors when an original submittal is rejected by one of the designated team members in the approval workflow.  For example, a subcontractor might create a submittal that is approved by general contractor, but later rejected by one or more members of the Design team (e.g., architect, structural engineer, etc). In this scenario, you would want to revise the existing submittal to ensure that that it is revised to address all of the issues highlighted by the Design team.  Once the revision is created, you can then submit it to the team for approval.

How do you create a submittal revision?

See Create a Submittal Revision.

What problems occur when you create submittal revisions manually?

If you create a new revision by creating a new submittal and manually copying related information from the previous, several problems can occur.

Duplicate revisions could be created where the relationship to previous revisions couldn't be easily determined or linked. (e.g. 04400, 18, 1)
Users could use different naming conventions for the submittal revision field. For example, there were no restrictions to what you could enter in the revision field. Therefore, you could use numeric or alpha values, or even words, which could easily lead to inconsistent and confusing results.

How are my submittal revisions linked to each other?

On Oct. 20, 2014, Procore associated and linked submittals that had the same Spec Section and Number combination. The timestamp of when the submittal was originally created was used to determine the sorting order of a revision from oldest to newest, instead of using the actual revision value because there could be duplicate or inconsistent revision numbers.  

Submittals that had the same Spec Section and Number were linked together as belonging to the same submittal log (regardless of its revision). 

  • Spec Section 04400 --- Number 18 --- Revision 1 --- Timestamp 10/23/2014
  • Spec Section 04400 --- Number 18 --- Revision 0 --- Timestamp 10/20/2014
  • Spec Section 04400 --- Number 18 --- Revision 3 --- Timestamp 10/11/2014
  • Spec Section 04400 --- Number 18 --- Revision B --- Timestamp 10/18/2014

The following submittals would be considered of the same object lineage and belong to the same submittal log.

The submittal's log would be ordered from newest to oldest based on the timestamps. So if the "Only show most current revisions" checkbox were marked, the submittal that was created on '10/23/2014' would be displayed while the older revisions would be hidden.

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