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What is an advanced search symbol in Procore?


Procore suports the use of advanced search symbols in search queries throughout the Procore web application. 

In Procore's search, an advanced search symbol is a character that can be added to a search keyword or phrase to make it more specific or expand the scope of the search term. The most common advanced search symbol is the asterisk (*), which is used as the end of a partial word to tell the Procore to show all search results that contain that partial word. For example, in the Project level RFIs tool, typing "door*" in the Search field would return search results that might include doordoorsdoorframedoorframes, and doorway where as typing "door" would only return search results that would include the exact word "door". 

Which advanced search symbols are supported?

The following advanced search symbols can be used in search queries. Then see the list of Procore tools that support these characters below.

  • Asterisk (*): Add an asterisk (*) to the end of the search term(s) to search for a word or phrase that contains part of a term (for example, Procor*) 
  • Exact Match (" "): Place quotation marks around the search term(s) to search for an exact word or phrase (for example, “Field Productivity”).

Which Procore tools support advanced search symbols in search queries?

The following tools support advanced search symbols in search queries.  

Procore Tool Tutorial
Directory Search and Filter the Project Directory
Search and Filter the Company Directory
Coordination Issues Search and Filter for Coordination Issues
Correspondence Search, Sort, and Filter Correspondences
Emails Search the Emails Tool for Messages
RFIs Search for and Filter RFIs
Submittals Search for and Filter Submittals