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Set Up Submittal Schedule Calculations


To set up and use submittal schedule calculations to automatically calculate the due dates of approvers' responses. 


Submittal Schedule Calculations is an optional feature that you can enable. See Enable Submittal Schedule Calculations. When enabled, the Submittals tool will analyze your entries in the 'Required On-Site Date', 'Lead Time', 'Design Team Review Time', and 'Internal Review Time' fields to provide suggestions for the Submitter and Approver 'Due Date' on the submittal workflow. It also automatically populates the 'Planned Return Date', 'Planned Internal Review Completed Date', and 'Planned Submit By Date' fields.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To create a submittal that uses these calculations, 'Standard' level permissions to the Submittals tool.
    • To define the calculations used on the project, 'Admin' level permissions to the Submittals tool. 
  • Prerequisite:


  1. Follow the steps in Create a Submittal
    This reveals the New Submittal page.
  2. Scroll down to the Submittal Schedule Information area. 
  3. Set the following information:
    1. Design Team Review Time. The number of days allotted for the design team's review on the submittal.

      Note: If you enter 7, the system subtracts '7' calendar days (NOT business days) from the Planned Return Date to automatically populate the date entry for the Planned Internal Review Completed Date.
    2. Lead Time. The expected number of calendar days that will be required for the material/services for the submittal to arrive.

      Note: If you enter 10, the system subtracts '10' calendar days (i.e., NOT business days) from the Required On-Site Date to automatically populate the date entry for the Planned Return Date.
    3. Required On-Site Date. The date by which materials related to the work detailed on the submittal must be delivered and available at the construction site.

    4. Internal Review Time. The number of calendar days (NOT business days) that your project's design team requires to ensure the submittal is properly reviewed.

      Note: If you enter 5, the system subtracts '5' calendar days from the Planned Internal Review Completed Date to automatically populate the date entry for the Planned Submit by Date.
      This illustration shows you an example of these entries and calculations.



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