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What are the user roles in the Submittals tool?


In Procore's Submittals tool, there are multiple roles and responsibilities which affect how a user may view or interact with a submittal. 


The roles and responsibilities within the Submittals tool are described below:


The approver role on a submittal is typically filled by members of the design team (i.e., an architect and/or engineer) and the project manager. These users are typically responsible for reviewing the submittal before its scope of work is deemed "acceptable" for the project. Once all approvers have reviewed and approved the submittal, the submittal can be closed out, marking it as approved for construction. All approvers need at least 'Standard' level permissions on the Submittals tool. See Respond to a Submittal as an Approver.

Note: A submittal workflow can have multiple approvers in parallel or sequential order. See How do I add people to the submittal workflow?.

Distribution List Member

distribution list member is a user added to the distribution list of a specific submittal. A submittal's distribution list members have permission to view that submittal in Procore if it is set as private. Distribution list members will receive email notifications as configured in the Submittals tool configure settings. See Configure Settings: Submittals Tool.

Received From

The received from field is the contact for the responsible contractor who provided the submittal information to the project team. The 'Received From' field on a submittal is automatically limited to users associated with the company selected as the 'Responsible Contractor'

Note: Selecting a user in the 'Received From' field does not grant them any permission to view or interact with the submittal.

Responsible Contractor

The responsible contractor field is typically filled by the company associated with the scope of work being addressed by the submittal. The responsible contractor on a submittal is automatically set to the company name associated with the user selected in the 'Received From' field. If the responsible contractor is chosen before the 'Received From' field is set, the 'Received From' field will only contain users from the company specified as the Responsible Contractor.

Note: Selecting a company as a Responsible Contractor does not grant users within that company any permission to view or interact with submittals.


When an assigned submittal approver wants another user to review a submittal before they submit their response, they have the option to forward the submittal to another (standard permission) user for review. This reviewer is responsible for taking the next action within the same workflow step as the approver.

If a user forwards a submittal for review, the reviewer is automatically added to the submittal workflow and also designated as the Ball in Court person on the submittal. The Ball in Court person is then required to take action (i.e., approve or reject the submittal).  After their response is submitted, the Ball in Court person returns to the approver who forwarded the submittal so they can respond. See Respond to a Forwarded Submittal as a Reviewer.

Submittal Manager

In Procore, a submittal manager is a person responsible for overseeing a submittal throughout its lifecycle. If a user creates a submittal and has 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permission to the Submittals tool, their name appears as the 'Submittal Manager' by default. However, users with 'Admin' level permission to the Submittals tool have the ability to assign the submittal manager role to any Procore user who has been granted 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permission to the Submittals tool (Note: Users with 'Standard' permission do not have permission to change the submittal manager). See Designate the 'Default Submittal Manager' for the Submittals Tool.


The submitter role on a submittal is typically filled by a user that needs to submit a submittal for approval before that scope of work can begin. See Upload and Submit a Submittal.

Note: A submittal workflow can have multiple submitters in parallel or sequential order. See How do I add people to the submittal workflow?.