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Download an Open Submittals Report


To download a Company Level Open Submittals Report.


The Company Level Open Submittals Reports is a CSV download that lists all of the submittals in the 'Open' status across all of your company's Procore projects. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission
    • 'Read-Only' level permission or above on the Company level Reports tool.
  • Prerequisites:


  1. Navigate to the Company level Reports tool.
  2. Under 'Company Reports', click the Open Submittals Report link. 
    The system downloads a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file that lists all of the submittals in the 'Open' status across all of your company's Procore projects. The report includes this information:
    • Project #. This is the number of the project assigned to it upon project creation.
    • Project Name. This is the project that is being summarized.
    • Project Type. If your company has created Project types, the type appears in the report. See Add Project Type to a Project
    • Specification Section.
    • #. The submittal number.
    • Title. The submittal's title. 
    • Type. The submittal's type.
    • Revision. The current revision. 
    • Created Date. Shows the date the submittal was created. 
    • Ball In Court. The person responsible for completing the next action. 
    • Response. Shows all of the responses that have been submitted for the submittal. 
    • Due Date. Shows the submittal's due date. 
    • Status. Shows that the submittal is in the 'Open' status.
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