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Forward a Submittal by Email

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To forward an email that contains information about a submittal to other Procore users from the Project level Submittals tool.
Important: The steps in this article show you how to send  an email containing a summary about the submittal. 


The email functionality on the Submittals tool allows you to send an email outside of the emails that are automatically generated from the Submittals tool. Automatic emails are sent out to approvers and members of the distribution list when the email is created, when an approver responds, when an approver's response is edited, and when any changes are made to the submittal (attachments are attached, the submittal status is changed, etc).

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' and 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Submittals tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • You can only email the submittal to a user that exists in the Project Directory.
    • If a person is missing from the list, ask your project administrator (i.e. a user with 'Admin' permissions on the project's Directory tool) to add the user.
      Note: The newly added user does NOT have to accept the invitation to join the project before they become a selectable option in the person list.


  1. Navigate to the project's Submittals tool.
  2. Locate the desired submittal. 
  3. Click View.
  4. Click the Emails subtab for the submittal. 
  5. Click Compose Email.
  6. Under the 'Compose New Email' area, do the following: 
    • To. Select the desired recipient(s) from the drop-down list. 
    • Cc. Select any desired recipient(2) to receive a carbon copy of the email. 
    • Private. Indicates privacy settings for the submittal. When a submittal is marked 'Private', it is only visible to users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Submittals tool, users in the Submittal Workflow, and members of the submittal's Distribution List. Users with the 'View Private Submittals Associated to Users within Same Company' granular permission enabled on their permissions template can also view a submittal marked 'Private' if another user in their company is associated with the submittal. See Mark a Submittal as Private.

    • Title. The descriptive name that best summarizes the information in the submittal. 

    • Attachments. Attach any relevant files. You have these options:

      • Click Attach File(s) and then choose the appropriate option from the shortcut menu that appears.
      • Use a drag-and-drop operation to move files from your computer into the grey Drag and Drop File(s) box.
    • Message: Enter the body of your email message.
  7. Click Send
    The system sends the email to all of the recipients. A copy of the email and any replies are stored as a communication thread in the Emails subtab of the submittal.