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Budget (Project Level)

Procore’s Project level Budget tool lets you build and manage a comprehensive budget throughout a project's lifecycle. It also eliminates the need for double-entry of contract modifications and change order values into complex spreadsheets, giving you greater insight into how seen and unforseen changes impact the bottom line. This helps you gain greater control over complicated project factors when evaluating and forecasting your project's completion costs.  Procore will be combining all of the flexibility of the configurable viewer, with the robust functionality of the current budget so that you can create a budget template specific to your company needs. This will take place in March 2017.

  • Import an existing budget or build a comprehensive project budget that can be exported to the Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.
  • Review financial performance for a single project or across multiple projects.
  • Share the status of your budget with your team so they can make informed decisions in the field.
  • Generate detailed budget reports showing budget modifications, buyout summaries, line item details, and more.

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