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What are 'production quantities'?

 Phased Release

Starting March 3, 2022 through approximately the end of the month, Procore is deploying a gradual, phased release of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). WBS is a robust, flexible method for organizing and reporting on financial information. This update includes the new WBS user experience in the Company and Project level Admin tools and it will be deployed to all Procore customers. To learn more, see Financials Management: Introducing Work Breakdown Structure.

Important! If Procore's icon-external-link.png Field Productivity tools under 'Resource Management' are enabled on your company's Procore account, the Work Breakdown Structure's custom segment objects and features are not yet supported. To learn more, see Are custom segments compatible with Procore's Field Productivity tools?


Production quantities are a measurable amount of work on a construction project. For example, cubic yards of concrete, number of light fixtures, or linear feet of piping. In Procore, there are two types of production quantities:

  • Budgeted production quantities refers to the measurable amount a team plans to install on a project.
  • Installed production quantities refers to the actual amount installed on a project by a point in time.