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Can we import our third-party timecard entries to work with the 'Timesheet Hours' column in Procore's Budget tool?


My company isn't using Procore's Field Productivity tools. Instead, our team uses third-party software to collect timecard entries from our crews and workers in the field. Is there a way to import our timecard entries so they can appear in the 'Timesheet Hours' column? Our goal is to track labor in our Procore budget, similar to how Procore's Field Productivity customers do. 


Yes. If your company does NOT use Procore's Field Productivity tools, you can develop your own custom or third-party custom integration for inputting your timecard entries into Procore. Your custom integration can input your entries to Procore's Timecards tool using the API, which enables you to view timecard entries in the 'Timesheet Hours' column of a budget view. Similar to how a user configures the Company level Timesheets tool's 'Default Cost Type for Timecards' setting to 'Labor' (see Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets), this API solution sets your third-party time entries to 'Labor' (or any other cost type that you would prefer to use) and stores your data in the Timecard tool.

Here are the steps for creating or updating a timecard entry using the API.

  1. Use the List Line Item (Cost Code) Types endpoint to determine the cost types associated with your account.
  2. In the list of cost types returned, locate the cost type with abase_typevalue of 'labor' (or any other cost type that you would prefer to use) and note itsid value. Because each Procore company account can create a custom list of cost types (see Add Company Cost Types), cost type identifiers are not consistent across accounts.  You will use thisidvalue in the next step.
  3. To create a new timecard entry or update an existing one, use the Create Timecard Entry or Update Timecard Entry respectively. In the body of your request, use the (cost type) id value you retrieved from the previous step as the value for theline_item_type_id attribute.