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Add a Budget Line Item


To add a new line item to a project's budget. 


In Procore, a budget line item is a data row on a project's budget that presents expenditures by cost code and cost type. If you want to perform job costing on your project, you can also present your project expenditures by sub job. Depending on your specific project, a budget can have hundreds or even thousands of line items on it. After creating a new project in Procore, setting up a budget can be accomplished by adding budget line items to the project's Budget tool. To do this, you can create a budget from scratch by manually adding line items using the steps below. As an alternative to manual data entry, you can also follow the steps in Import a Budget.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the project's Budget tool. 
  2. Click Create Budget Line Item.
    A data entry area appears so you can add a new line item. 
  3. Add your line item as follows:
  4. Click Add.

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