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Apply the View, Snapshot, Group, and Filter Options on a Budget View


To apply the view, snapshot, group, and filter options on a budget view and how to export a budget view to CSV or PDF. 


The Budget tool lets you create flexible, budget views that you can apply across multiple projects. It also provides you with a variety of filtering and grouping options for viewing your budget data. You'll also discover additional options for viewing budget data in full screen mode, clicking hyperlinks to drill-down into your budget's detail, and the ability to export your budget view data to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Portable Document Format (PDF) file. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Read-only' or higher on the Budget tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • The Sub Jobs option in the Group and Filter lists will appear as a selection whether or not the sub jobs feature has been enabled in Procore.


Apply a Budget View to Your Budget

  1. Navigate to the project's Budget tool.
  2. Select a budget view from the View list. For a view to appear in this list, your Procore Administrator must complete the steps in Assign a Budget View to a Project.

  • Notes:
    • Procore provides company accounts with a number of standard views that can be used.
    • Your company's Procore Administrator can also create new views and customize existing ones using the Company Admin tool. For instructions, see Set up a New Budget View

View a Budget Snapshot

Select a budget snapshot from the Snapshot list.
Note: For selections other than 'Current' to appear, you must first add one or more snapshots for the selected budget view. See Create a Budget Snapshot.


Apply Group Options to Organize Your Data

Select one or more options from the list to group your data by the selection. 


  • You can apply one or more group filters. 
  • To remove any or all filters, click the x next to the selected menu option.
  • To change the sort order of an applied filter, grab the selection by the hamburger button and use a drag-and-drop operation to move it to the desired sort position.
  • To reset the group filter to the default setting for the budget view (i.e., Sub Job, Division, and Cost Code), click Reset
  • Keep in mind that the Sub Job filter always appears in the Group menu, whether or you not have enabled sub jobs on the project. See Enable Sub Jobs.

Add Filters to Narrow Your Data

You can add filters to narrow the data in view. Below are the options in the Add Filters list.

  • Sub Job
    Select this option to filter data by the sub job(s) that you select. This filter is always visible, whether or you not have enabled sub jobs on the project. See Enable Sub Jobs.
  • Budget Row Type
    Select this option and place a mark next to the Budgeted and/or Non-Budgeted row types to apply this filter. For more details, see Add a Partial Budget Line Item.
  • Division
    Select this option to filter data by the divisions that you select. Each division corresponds to a section of your project specifications. See Import Spec Sections to the Admin Tool or Manually Create Divisions.
  • Cost Code
    Select this option to filter data by the cost codes that you select. See Add and Edit Project Cost Codes.
  • Category
    Select this option to filter data by cost types. See Set Default Cost Types
  • Actuals By Date. Select this option to filter actuals and columns calculated with these sources for the specified date range. By default, any actuals without dates entered are also included. Actuals, in this context, can refer to unit-based quantities or actual costs, depending on the line item source. To exclude items without dates, place a mark in the Only actuals with dates checkbox on the calendar control. 
    Sources are filtered as follows:
  • Forecast Start Date. Select this option to filter the list by forecasted monitored resources using a start date that you select from the calendar control. See Use the Forecast to Complete Feature.
  • Select one or more options from the list to narrow the data in your budget view. Click Clear Filters to remove any applied filters. 


Export a Budget to CSV or PDF

Click Export > CSV or Export > PDF to open a CSV or PDF version of the budget in a separate browser window. The CSV will show all available rows and columns in the budget view. Any groups or filters applied to the view will be applied only to the PDF file.

Additional Options

You also have these options:

  • Fullscreen
    Click this button to view the budget in your browser window in fullscreen mode. 
  • Arrows
    Click the arrows in the table to expand and collapse group summaries of your data. 
  • Tooltips
    Hover over a column's title to view details that show how the value in a column is calculated or to learn the tool source and filters for that column,. 
  • Drill-downs
    Click any budget value displayed in BLUE font to open a window showing detailed information about that value. 

See Also

If you would like to learn more about Procore’s budget management software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction budgeting software product page here.


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