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Create a Timesheet (Android)

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To create a timesheet on your Android mobile device.


In Procore, timecards and timecard entries are used to log the number of hours employees and workers spend doing work on a construction project. Each day, you will create a new daily timesheet. A daily timesheet contains the individual timecard entries submitted by your employees and workers for a specific date. By default, Procore's timecard entries track the work's cost code, work location, number of hours worked, time type (for example, regular or overtime), and mark whether or not the entry's hours are billable. A tool administrator also has the option to configure your project's timesheets to capture timekeeping data such as classifications and sub-jobs.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Timesheets tool.



  • To appear in this list, the person must be added to a Directory and a checkmark must appear in the 'Is Employee of <Your Company>' box on their profile. For more information on how to check for this setting in a user's profile, see Edit a User Account in the Project Directory.
  • Employees who are only entered in the Company Directory can be selected if the 'Can Company Employees be Tracked on all Projects?' setting is enabled. See Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets.
  • With the setting "Employees Can Be Tracked On All Projects" enabled, you must have at least 'Read Only' permissions on the Company Directory tool to see all employees and workers.
  • To select a crew, a crew must first be created in the Crews tool. See Create a Crew.
  1. Navigate to the Timesheets tool using the Procore app on an Android mobile device. 
  2. Tap the Create New icon-plus-quick-create-mobile2.png icon.
  3. Tap New Daily Timesheet.
  4. Tap Crews or Employees
  5. Tap the crew names and/or employee names that you want to add to the timesheet.
  6. Tap Done
  7. Next to each person's name, tap Add Line.
  8. Tap the fields to add the following information:
    • Classification: Tap to select the employee's job classification from the drop-down menu associated with the time entry. See Enable Classifications on a Project
    • Sub Job: Select from the drop-down menu the sub job associated with the time entry.
    • *Cost Code: Tap to select the cost code associated with the time entry.
      Note: If you are an admin on the Company Admin tool, you can limit the cost code selections that appear in this list. To learn more, see Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets
    • Location: Tap to select the location where the person performed the work. 
    • Time Entry: Enter the hours worked and lunch breaks taken.
    • Time Type: Tap to select the type of pay being entered. Select one the following options:
      Note: If you are an 'Admin' on the Company Admin tool, you can add custom time types to this list. See Configure Advanced Settings: Company Level Timesheets for more information:
      • Regular Time
      • Double Time
      • Exempt
      • Holiday
      • Overtime
      • PTO
      • Salary
      • Vacation
    • Billable: Tap the toggle to indicate that the work is billable. 
    • Description: Tap to type an additional description that will appear in the timecard.
    • Add Line: Tap to create extra line items on a time entry. 
      Note: If using the Start and Stop 'Time Entry' method, the new line's Start Time will account for time already entered, and the new line's Stop Time will reflect the default Stop Time in your settings. Any time entered after the default Stop Time will be added in one hour increments.
  9. Tap Save.
  10. Tap Submit.