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Configure Advanced Settings: Project Level Timesheets


To configure advanced settings for the project's Timesheets tool.


When you configure your timesheets settings, you can configure how time is tracked when employees enter time into their timecards. Additionally, you can track employee's field location when they clock in and out using a geofence. A geofence is a virtual boundary around a geographic area, typically a job site, that can track when an employee enters or exits the boundaries with a mobile device. Users can be prompted to clock in or clock out when entering or exiting a geofence.

Things to Consider



  1. Navigate to the project's Timesheets tool. 
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
  3. Under 'Time Entry Settings', select the format for Time Entry on timecards:
    • Total Hours allows users to enter the total number of hours worked.
    • Start Time and Stop Time allows users to enter the exact hour and minute that they started and stopped work, and account for lunch times.
      1. Select the default start and stop times that display on timecards.
      2. Under 'Lunch Tracking Settings', select the format for Lunch Tracking on timecards.
        Note: Time entered for lunch is deducted from the total hours on a timecard when tracking breaks using 'Total Time' or 'Start and Stop Time'.
        • Total Time tracks the total number of minutes a break was taken.
        • Start and Stop Time tracks the exact times that a person took their break.
        • None does not track breaks in Timesheets.
      3. If tracking lunch breaks, select the default lunch time to display on timecards.
  4. Mark whether 'Employees Can Select Non-Budgeted Items' when filling entering their time in Timesheets or My Time.

    • Move the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on.png position to allow employees to track time ot non-budgeted items.
    • Move the toggle to the OFF icon-toggle-off.png position to require employees track time only to budgeted items.
  5. Under 'Employee Location Tracking' move the toggle to the ON icon-toggle-on.png position to Enable Employee Location Tracking.
  6. Set the Geofence Distance by clicking and moving the slider to the desired geofence perimeter.
  7. Click Update