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Can I export Procore budget modifications to an integrated ERP system?

 Phased Release: Budget Changes

Some ERP integrated clients may have already transitioned from Budget Modifications (Legacy) to the new Budget Changes experience. The legacy experience will continue to be available until October 16, 2023. To learn more about the timeline for migration, see: Common Questions.

Choosing to use the new Budget Changes experience will not impact the function of your ERP integration, or the steps in this tutorial. If you encounter a step with directions regarding Budget Modifications, and you have already adopted Budget Changes, please take the same action in Budget Changes as you would in Budget Modifications.

To learn more about the new Budget Changes experience, see About Budget Changes.


Yes. If your company's Procore Administrator has enabled the ERP Integrations tool and you are using Procore with one of the supported integrated ERP systems, you can export budget modifications as detailed in the table below. 

Task Supported Not Supported
Integration by Procore: Viewpoint® Spectrum®
Budget modifications appear as estimate changes on a Change Request in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
Integration by Ryvit: Viewpoint® Vista™
Budget modifications sync with estimate changes in Viewpoint® Vista™.
QuickBooks® Desktop
Budget modifications appear below the 'Budget Modifications' label as line items on the Estimate.
Sage 100 Contractor®
Budget modifications appear as 'Approved Estimate Changes' and update the 'Imported Estimate'.
Sage 300 CRE®
Budget modifications appear as 'Approved Estimate Changes' and update the 'Imported Estimate'.
Budget modifications will update the 'Budgeted Cost Amount'.

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