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How do I preserve cost code formatting in Excel?

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On occasion, when working with CSV files in Excel, you'll need a workaround to preserve the original cost code formatting. For example, cost codes are sometimes formatted as dates when exporting certain templates from within Procore (e.g. Budget templates).


When Excel opens the file, it uses the "General" cell format to auto-detect the cell type, and uses the default format defined in Excel. This will, on occasion, cause Excel to format cost codes into dates. If you need to work with CSV files in Excel, the following is a workaround to preserve the original cost code formatting. 

  1. Download the import template, but do not open it directly in Excel.
  2. In Excel, select the Data tab.

  3. Click From Text under Get External Data. 
  4. In the Open dialog box, select the .CSV file you would like to work with.
  5. Click Open
  6. Excel will open the Text Import Wizard. 
  7. Select Delimited in th Text Import Wizard.

  8. Click Next.
  9. Make sure Tab and Comma are checked off in the Text Import Wizard.

  10. Click Next.
  11. In the Text Import Wizard, hold the Shift key and select the last column on the spreadsheet so all columns will be highlighted black.
    Note: Do not select the "Text" checkbox prior to highlighting columns. Doing so will cause all columns to be formatted under General which will auto format to dates.

  12. Once all columns are highlighted in black, select the "Text" checkbox.
  13. Click Finish.
  14. A prompt will appear asking to place the data. Select the appropriate column and row and click OK.


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