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Void Budget Changes

 Limited Release
Note to users participating in the 'Budget Changes' limited release program. The information below details a feature that is available to Procore users taking part in the limited release for Budget Changes. For more information about this release, see Budget: New 'Budget Changes' Feature for Change Management in Project Financials.


To void budget changes using the project's Budget tool. 


To ensure an accurate historical record of your project's budget, budget changes cannot be deleted from Procore. However, users with the required user permissions can change the status to 'Void.' When you void a budget change, you are no longer able to add adjustments to it. However, you can continue to add attachments and update the information in the 'General Information' section. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To void a budget change, 'Standard' level permissions or higher on the project's Budget tool. 
  • Additional Information:
    • Procore recommends that your company (or each project team) develop a policy for managing budget changes in your environment. 
    • Budget changes are supported by Procore's Company level Workflows tool. 
  • Limitations:
  • For companies using ERP Integrations:
    • Budget changes cannot currently be synced with Procore + ERP Integrations
    • If a custom workflow has been applied to the project, you will NOT be able to manually edit budget change status. 



  1. Navigate to the project's Budget tool. 
  2. Click the Budget Changes tab. 
  3. Locate the budget change to void in the list. Next, click its Budget Change # link. 
  4. In the 'General Information' section, click Edit.
  5. Select 'Void' from the Status drop-down list. 
  6. Click Save

See Also


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