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  3. Workflow Diagram
    1. Create an RFI
    2. Respond to an RFI
    3. Close an RFI
    4. Configure RFIs Settings
  4. RFIs
  5. Job Role
  6. Recent Changes
    1. Updated the Clear Icons In Bulk Actions > Edit (11/21/2017)
    2. Moved Location Of Custom Fields In RFIs (11/10/2017)
    3. Replaced 'RFI Questions And Responses Report' With Export > PDF All Responses (11/9/2017)
    4. Added 'Latest Assignee Response Date' To CSV Export (11/8/2017)
    5. Added Ability For Users To Resize Column Width (11/6/2017)
    6. Added A New Ball In Court Drop-down List (11/2/2017)
    7. Updated RFIs To Send Emails To New Assignees (11/2/2017)
    8. Added Linked Drawings Field (9/15/2017)
    9. Updated The Behavior Of The Ball In Court Drop-down (9/15/2017)
    10. Added 'RFI Manager' Field To CSV And PDF Export (9/15/2017)
    11. Set Ball In Court Role From Ball In Court Drop-down (9/13/2017)
    12. Added A New RFI Email (8/25/2017)
    13. Added Capability To Control RFIs Row Height (7/21/2017)
    14. Added 'Linked Drawings' Field To All RFI View And Edit Pages (7/13/2017)
    15. 'Admin' Users Have Option To 'Only Show Official Responses' On PDF Export (6/9/2017)
    16. Only 'Admin' Users Can See 'Recycle Bin' View (6/1/2017)
    17. Changed Default Setting For 'Only Show Official Responses' On New Procore Projects (6/1/2017)
    18. Send Email Notification On RFI Reopening (5/30/2017)
    19. Updated 'Only Show Official Responses' Checkbox Name (5/23/2017)
    20. Updated the 'Only Show Official Responses' Checkbox for the RFIs Tool (5/22/2017)
    21. Added Configurable Columns to the RFIs Tool (5/19/2017)
    22. Restored the 'Only Show Official Responses' Configuration Setting (5/14/2017)
    23. Updated PDF Exports of RFIs (4/13/2017)
    24. New RFI Manager Field In RFIs Tool (4/12/2017)
    25. Updated the Options for Setting a RFI Manager in 'Configure RFI Settings' (3/15/2017)
    26. Removed the 'All' Selection From the 'Add Filter' List (2/8/2017)
    27. Cosmetic Improvements On RFI Tools PDF (2/8/2017)
    28. Added Chart Link To RFIs Report In Right Sidebar (1/25/2017)
    29. Added Persistent Filters To RFIs Tool (1/18/2017)
    30. Updated the Training Video Link In RFI Response Required Emails (1/10/2017)
    31. New RFI List View (1/8/2016)
    32. Changed Wording In Overdue RFI Email (1/4/2017)
  7. All Changes
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    1. User Guide

RFIs (Project Level)

Procore’s Request for Information (RFIs) tool is designed to keep projects running smoothly. Serving as a project's central storage and management point for information requests and responses, the RFI tool increases your ability to build project-wide accountability by letting you create, capture, and archive critical information exchanges between project leaders and the subcontractors, vendors, and other suppliers.

  • Create, assign, distribute, and track requests for information in a central location.
  • Send overdue email notifications to overdue assignees on your behalf. 
  • Set up distribution lists to collect input and feedback from subcontractors and other on the list.
  • Respond to RFIs directly in Procore, from a mobile device, or by simply replying to the RFI request email. 

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