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Can I create an RFI with a duplicate number?

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Yes. If you have permission to create an RFI in the 'Open' status (see Create an RFI), Procore will permit you to assign a duplicate number to an RFI. Here is how the system responds when you attempt to assign a duplicate number to an RFI:

  1. Navigate to the project's RFIs tool. 
  2. Click Create RFI
  3. In the RFI # field, enter the desired RFI number. 
  4. After completing the steps in Create an RFI, click Save
    If the system detects that you are attempting to assign a number that is already assigned to an existing RFI, the pop-up message pictured below appears to inform you that the RFI number is already taken. 
  5. Choose from the following options:

    • If you want to create a new RFI with the duplicate number, click OK. The system creates the new RFI. 
    • If you want to assign the RFI the next available number (or a different number), click Cancel. Then change the value in the RFI # field. Make any other updates to the RFI as appropriate and save your changes. 

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