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What is the RFI Manager role?



In Procore, an RFI Manager is the person responsible for overseeing an RFI throughout its lifecycle. This person is the gatekeeper between the RFI's Creator and the Design Team and is responsible for reviewing all Draft RFIs and either (1) providing a response to the RFIs and closing them out, or (2) opening the draft RFIs, assigning them a number, and then assigning them to the appropriate member of the design team, who then provides a response to the RFI's question.

What is the RFI Manager's workflow?

Once the RFI manager reviews all the Draft RFIs that have been created and assigned in the RFIs tool, he or she either:

When all of the responses are received, the RFI manager then chooses the 'Official Response'. At that point, the RFI can be closed (or, if a change event is needed, see Create a Change Event). The responsible party can also be notified. Below shows you the typical workflow for an RFI manager. 

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How to Configure the Default RFI Manager

When setting up the RFIs tool for a project, your Procore Administrator (or another user with 'Admin' level permission to the project's RFIs tool) can choose one person with 'Admin' level permission to the RFIs tool to act as your project's 'RFI Manager'. This is accomplished using the 'Configure RFI Settings' link in the RFIs tool. For instructions, see Configure Advanced Settings: RFIs

How to Change the Default RFI Manager Assignment

If you are responsible for creating an RFI, the system will automatically select the designated 'Default RFI Manager' on all new RFIs. The creator (or a user with the appropriate permissions for editing an RFI) will have the option to change the assignment. For details, Create an RFI

Rules to keep in mind when creating an RFI include:

  • If you are a user with 'Standard' level permission on the RFIs tool, you can designate a user with 'Admin' level permission for the 'RFI Manager' role when you create an RFI. You will not be permitted to change this assignment after the RFI is created. 
  • If you are a user with 'Admin' level permission on the RFIs tool, you can designate a user with 'Admin' level permission for the 'RFI Manager' role. You can change this assignment by editing the RFI. See Edit an RFI

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