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Close an RFI

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To close an existing RFI.


Users with 'Admin' level permission can change an RFIs 'Status' to Closed at any time. This indicates the RFI needs no other action. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's RFIs tool.
  • Prerequisites:
  • Additional Information:
    • You can close an RFI whether or not it has any responses. 
    • After you close an RFI, you are NOT permitted to add questions or responses.
    • If you want to reopen a closed RFI at a later time, see Reopen an RFI.


  1. Navigate to the project's RFIs tool.
    This reveals the Items list in the RFIs page. This page lists RFIs in the Draft and Open status. You can close an RFI in either status. 
  2. Locate the desired RFI in the list. Then click Edit or View.
    This opens the RFI Details page. 
  3. Click Close RFI.

  4. If you have NOT selected an official response to the RFI, the following notification message appears to alert you. If you have selected an official response, the system changes the RFIs 'Status' to Closed and shows the current date. 

  5. Click OK to close the RFI. 
    The system changes the RFIs 'Status' to Closed and shows the current date.

    • When you close an RFI, the Creator, the Assignees, and any designated members on the 'Distribution' list will be notified via email.
    • If you want to include the 'Responsible Contractor' on the email, be sure to add that person to the 'Distribution' list before closing it. 

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