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Edit an RFI

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The edit an existing Request for Information (RFI). 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the RFIs tool. 
  • Supported Platforms:
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Additional Information:
    • If you have a unique situation that requires you to create an RFI with a duplicate number, you must first create the RFI with a unique number. Then use the Steps below to create the duplicate number. See Can I create an RFI with a duplicate number?


  1. Navigate to the project's RFIs tool.
    This reveals the Open RFIs page. 
  2. Locate the desired RFI.
    • To search for or filter the list to locate a specific RFI, see Search for and Filter RFIs
    • You can only edit RFIs in the 'Draft', 'Open', or 'Closed' status. You cannot edit RFIs that have been sent to the Recycle Bin. See Delete an RFI.
  3. Click Edit (Note: If you click View, you can later click Edit in the page that appears). 
  4. Modify the fields as desired. For information about each field, see Create an RFI.
    • You can modify some of these fields as follows:
      • RFI #. Change the RFI number. You are permitted to create a duplicate number only when editing an RFI. When you click Update on the RFI, a message will appear to alert you that a duplicate number already exists. You can click OK to proceed with creating an RFI with a duplicate number. 
      • Status. You can only change the status when an RFI is in 'Draft' status.
      • Initiated By. The system automatically records the name of the RFI creator. This value cannot be changed.
      • Date Initiated. The system automatically records the date on which the RFI was originally placed into the 'Open' status. When an RFI is in 'Draft' status, this field remains blank. If you close and re-open an RFI, the system does NOT update the date. 
      • Assigned To. This is a required field that must be filled out in order to edit and save the RFI.
        Note: When you add a new assignee to the RFI, the system sends an automated email notification to alert the new assignee. 
      • Responsible Contractor. This company name can only be changed by modifying the selection in the 'Received From' field. 
      • Linked Drawings. Shows any drawings that have been linked to the RFI. The listed drawing number is a link that will take you to the drawing in the Drawings tool. These can only be modified in the Drawings tool. See Link Related Items on a Drawing
      • Question. You can only modify the question when the RFI is in the 'Draft' status. The question cannot be modified when an RFI is in the 'Open' or 'Closed' status. 
      • Ball in Court. To change the Ball in Court, choose one of the following selections from the 'Ball In Court' drop-down list:
        • Assignees. Choose this option if you want the 'Assigned To' individual(s) to take action on the RFI.
        • Creator. Choose this option if you want the 'Initiated By' person on the RFI to respond to the RFI.
        • RFI Manager. Choose this option if you want the RFI Manager to be the next Ball in Court person. 
  5. Click Update.
    The system saves your changes. 

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