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Reopen an RFI


To reopen an RFI that was previously closed. 


After the RFI has gone through the workflow and all responses have been logged in Procore, 'Admin' level users can mark the RFI as "closed." This will indicate that the RFI has been resolved and needs no other action. If you have previously closed an RFI, but want to reopen it to make edits or add responses, 'Admin' users can reopen a closed RFI, as needed. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's RFIs tab.


  1. Go to your project's RFI tab.

  2. By default, only "Open" RFIs will be displayed in the list view. Use the "Status" filter option in the right pane and select the "Closed" option to view all closed RFIs.

  3. Find the RFI you wish to reopen and click the View or Edit button next to it.

  4. Click the Reopen RFI button. (Note: After you reopen an RFI, the Close RFI button will become visible again).

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