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Directory (Company Level)

Procore's Company level Directory tool lets you create, import, and store an unlimited number of contacts in Procore. Users who have been assigned 'Admin' permissions to this tool can add contacts for your employees, team members, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors. In addition, Directory tool 'Admins' can invite contacts to join Procore as end users, as well as set access permissions to different Procore tools. 

  • Add and edit contact information at the company-level.
  • Invite and re-invite contacts to join Procore as end users.
  • Grant access permissions to Procore tools and configure program settings.
  • Share contact information with team members for access from Procore.
  • Import companies and people. See Request Company and People Imports.


Video content may not accurately reflect the current state of the system, and/or it may be out of date. 

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