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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Directory tool. 

Recent Changes

Introducing Granular Permissions (3/24/2017)

Unleash the power of Granular Permissions! Users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company Directory can now provide non-Admin users with enhanced privileges for the Bidding, Commitments, and Documents tools when creating and editing permission templates. If your company's Procore account was created on or prior to 3/23/2017, you will need to request to have this feature enabled (see Request to Enable Granular Permissions). On new company accounts (i.e., accounts created on or after 3/24/2017), this feature is enabled by default. To learn how to use the feature, see Grant Custom Permissions in a Permission Template

Added ABN/EIN Search To Directory Tool (2/13/2017)

Updated the Directory tool to include the 'business_register' variables (Australian Business Number (ABN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN)) in the search function.

Redirect To People Subtab After Adding/Editing Contacts (2/3/2017)

Updated the People subtab so that now, when a user adds or edits a contact from the People subtab, the system redirects the user back to the subtab after the action is saved.

(Beta) New Custom Permissions In Permission Templates (1/26/2017)

Participants in the Custom Permissions Beta Program can now grant custom task permissions when assigning the 'Standard' and 'Read-only' level permission for Commitments in a permission template. These custom permissions are currently only available to Beta Program Participants: Create purchase order, create subcontract, update purchase order, and update subcontract. See Beta: Custom Permissions and Grant Custom Permissions In a Permission Template

Added '(None)' Option When Selecting a Project Permission Template (1/16/2017)

Updated the Company Directory tool to add  a '(None)' option in the 'Template' drop-down list of the 'Select a Project Permission Template' window, which appears when a user clicks the 'Change Template' link in the 'Current Project Settings' grid.

All Changes

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