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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Directory tool. 

Recent Changes

New 'Beta View' Available for the Company and Project Directory (10/9/2017)

A new 'Beta View' link is available at the top of the Company and Project Directory pages. To learn more, see What are the New Features in the (BETA) Directory?.

Added New Granular Permission For The Directory Tool (10/2/2017)

Added a new granular permission, 'Manage Permission Templates', that allows users with Read-only or Standard level Directory permissions to manage permission templates at the Project level.

Added Reactivate Button For Inactive Users And Vendors (7/27/2017)

Added 'Reactivate' button for inactive users and vendors in the Company and Project level Directory tools.

Added Search Function For Distribution Group Name (7/25/2017)

Added the ability to search for a distribution group name in both Company and Project level Directory tools.

Two New Granular Permissions For The Directory Tool (6/28/2017)

Updated the Directory tool to add two new granular permissions. The first allows a user with 'Standard' level permission to add (bulk or individual) users from the Company Directory to a Project Directory. The second allows a 'Standard' to create new users in a Project Directory. To learn about these changes see Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template
These new permissions replace the process for allowing 'Standards' to add users to projects in earlier versions of Procore (see the deprecated article, Allow a Standard User to Add a Person and Company to the Project Directory). For existing clients who have used this process, action may be required. Please refer to New Granular Permission Settings to Allow 'Standard' Users to Create and/or Add Users to a Project for details. 

Enabled Granular Permissions For All Procore Accounts (6/21/2017)

Updated the Company Directory tool to enable the Granular Permissions (GP) feature for all company accounts in Procore. To learn more about Granular Permissions, see Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template.

Added Edit Button To The 'People Grouped By Company' View (6/1/2017)

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tools to add an Edit button to the line items in the 'People Grouped by Company' View.

Directory Tool's Insurance Fields Now Lock When Vendor Insurance Synced (5/30/2017) 

Updated the ERP Integrations tool so that now, the system locks the insurance fields when a Sage 300 CRE vendor with insurance information is synced with Procore. The list of fields in the Company level Directory tool that now lock when data is synced include: Insurance Type (e.g., General, Automotive, Umbrella, and Worker's), Effective Date, Expiration Date, Limit Amount, Name, and Policy Number. See Which Insurance Fields in a Procore Company Sync with Sage 300 CRE? 

Introducing Granular Permissions (3/24/2017)

Unleash the power of Granular Permissions! Users with 'Admin' level permission to the Company Directory can now provide non-Admin users with enhanced privileges for the Bidding, Commitments, and Documents tools when creating and editing permission templates. If your company's Procore account was created on or prior to 3/23/2017, you will need to request to have this feature enabled (see Request to Enable Granular Permissions). On new company accounts (i.e., accounts created on or after 3/24/2017), this feature is enabled by default. To learn how to use the feature, see Grant Custom Permissions in a Permission Template

Added ABN/EIN Search To Directory Tool (2/13/2017)

Updated the Directory tool to include the 'business_register' variables (Australian Business Number (ABN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN)) in the search function.

Redirect To People Subtab After Adding/Editing Contacts (2/3/2017)

Updated the People subtab so that now, when a user adds or edits a contact from the People subtab, the system redirects the user back to the subtab after the action is saved.

(Beta) New Custom Permissions In Permission Templates (1/26/2017)

Participants in the Custom Permissions Beta Program can now grant custom task permissions when assigning the 'Standard' and 'Read-only' level permission for Commitments in a permission template. These custom permissions are currently only available to Beta Program Participants: Create purchase order, create subcontract, update purchase order, and update subcontract. See Beta: Custom Permissions and Grant Custom Permissions In a Permission Template

Added '(None)' Option When Selecting a Project Permission Template (1/16/2017)

Updated the Company Directory tool to add  a '(None)' option in the 'Template' drop-down list of the 'Select a Project Permission Template' window, which appears when a user clicks the 'Change Template' link in the 'Current Project Settings' grid.

All Changes

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